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  • New Epson 3200 Scanner

    Has anybody heard any new info regarding the release of the New Epson 3200 scanner ( the replacement for the 2450 ) I hought I heard that it was due out in March but I have not seen any info on it recently
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    It should be out late this month...according to this

    ...and it's actually 2 scanners- the 3200 and 3200Pro. The only difference between the two that I can determine is in the software bundle.


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      That comes as a surprise the 3200 has been on release for a while here although haven't seen mention of the Pro version Greg.


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        thanks for the scoop I will be looking for it. I hope it is no another long delayed case of vapor ware.



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          Follow-on info: I found a 3200 at B&H for 379. Quickly ordered one and expect delivery by Friday. Hope to post some feedback shortly after that


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            COLONELFLAG How's the 3200 scanner working


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              I just got my 3200 a few days ago. Setup was a breeze, although I had to go to the Epson website to dl the PDF file with the user manual for some reason. It comes with a poster with excellent illustrations for every step of installation. I also bought a USB 2 card and got the Pro version of the scanner, so I have too many toys right now.

              I'll give an in-depth look soon, but right now the main thing that impresses me is the speed. Granted, my old scanner was probably the slowest used by any regular here, but it's so cool to have a full-bed preview pop up less than two seconds after hitting the preview button

              The Epson scan software is excellent, and at this early point I prefer it to the Silverfast, simply because I can use it and the Silverfast has so many options I'll need to go through the included video tutorials to digest them all.

              I'll also be using it to scan 35mm slides, but that will probably be a couple of weeks away.

              Feel free to ask specific questions in the meantime, I'll answer them if I can.
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                The Pro version comes with Lasersoft Silverfast AI 6 ($119) and Monaco EZ Color 2 ($299). The most expensive thing, however, is the IT-8 calibration targets that come with the Monaco software. Both reflective and transmissive are included ($99-$149 separately, but included when you buy the Monaco package for $299). Pricing them all separately, buying the Pro version saves over $200.

                The good news is that the Monaco package is highly-regarded and the IT-8 targets should also be usable to calibrate the Silverfast software. The downside is that all IT-8 targets fade over time, so once you start you'll have an ongoing annual or semi-annual expense replacing them.

                Plus Monaco is now shipping version 2.5, and the upgrade is $99.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  I agree with Doug. I bought this scanner a couple of weeks ago, and it is excellent.

                  BTW: I just posted a reccomendation to you in another thread to check out this scanner, Doug. I can see that is unnecessary.


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                    Here is a link to 3 images scanned with the Epson 3200. They have been retouched somewhat, but show the quality of the scans.

                    edit: bad link - sorry.
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                      Sorry it took so long to get back into this thread. retired/changed jobs, whole new schedule cut back on computer time for a bit. My experience with the epson so far has been it is excellant at scanning prints I have gotten some real nice images from 4/6's and blown them up to 8x12. Jury is still out tho on slides. not having real good luck doing 35mm color slides from Kodachrome 64. I just may need to play with it some more or bite the bullet and buy a film scanner.


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                        My understanding is that you need a dynamic range of 4.2 or better to get good scans of slides. A good tip off is if the manufacturer list the DR or not. I have gotten very good results with the Nikon 4 slide scanner. The price has dropped in half since i purchased it a year ago. It is now about $750.

                        I looking to scan 60 year old b&w negitives, but I do not know how good a scanner you need.



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                          I've been using the Epson 3200 for several months now, and I think it's fantastic.

                          I've had good luck with negatives as well as Kodachromes. One review (take it for what it's worth) said this scanner surpasses the Nikon for such scans.

                          One thing I might advise: ditch the Twain software and buy something like VueScan which is faster and more comprehensive than most other products.



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                            Can somone please explain to me what the difference between the 3200 and the 3170 is? The specs look almost identical, except for some of the bundled software and the 3170 does not have a firewire port. The 3170 also seems to be almost $200.00 cheaper than that of the 3200. If that is the case, is everyone just buying the 3200 for the bundled software? Why would anyone spend almost $200.00 more than they need to. Can someone please explain this to me. Maybe there is something I am missing. I look at their specs on the Epson site and they seem to be identical. Whats up with that? Let me know as I am about to buy a scanner and would like to know which one I should buy. I will buy the 3170 if the only difference is the software and the firewire port. Thanks for all your help....


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                              Like ExclamPt. I have been using the Epson 3200 for several months and I am very happy with it. I have had excellent luck with negatives, slides and flat bed scanning.


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