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    Do you use them a lot and if so, what for. I am contemplating on buying a new scanner and most now have the optional transparency unit. I was just wondering if it was all that necessary and worth the extra cost.


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    I second that question T. Mine is just your average scanner with no negative, slide or transparancy features so I was wondering the same thing. And to who ever can answer that question, maybe a suggestion or two for some good machines to look for?


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      I have the Acer 1240UT. This is a low priced scanner. Can't really say how well it will hold up to heavy use since mine gets very light use. It has an optical resolution of 1200. I have several old negatives, and some 35 year old slides that I use it for. Overall I'm very happy with it. I bought it on ebay for $103.00 plus $15.00 shipping (new, with warranty). It can be bought on the web for around $150.00. One thing I found was that there were two old negatives that would not scan well. I wound up buying Vuescan software ($40.00), and now I get good scans from everything I've put in it. It scans reflectives up to 11 X 14, and transparencies/negs up to 5 X 7. There is a website where you can get a good idea of the scanner and included software (Mirascan), and there is a lot of info on scanning. Check it out



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        Things like resolution and D-max aren't necessarily that critical for print scanning, but need to be taken into consideration if you're going to use it to scan slides.

        Take the 150dpi rule and apply it to a 35mm slide, and you'll quickly see you can use all the resolution you can get.
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          Just got an email that has Polaroid SprintScan 4000 film/neg/slide/APS color scanner for $450 after all discounts and rebates. It's SCSI, but aside from that this is a killer value.

          They say zero in stock, but word is they're getting at least 15 more. Link is here

          Hands-down a much better choice than any flatbed adapter
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          Take responsibility for learning


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            Hi T Paul and DJ,

            For what it's worth, you may want to go to your local bookstore and check out the PS Digital Artistry Book by Barry Haynes. Chapter 16 (about 30 pages) is devoted to comparing numerous film scanners and digital cameras on the market. There are comparison charts of features along with each scanner's images and histograms, etc. I think he outlines about 10 different film scanners--although the cheapest one appears to be "Under $900". But it may give you a good idea of what to look for.

            You may also want to check out this article from his web-site at

            Good Luck!

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              Hi T.

              After my minolta film and slide scanner broke down I elected to purchase the transparency adapter for my epson 1640SU scanner.

              What a wonderful scanner this is and it does a fantastic job scanning whatever you put on the glass.

              I've scanned regular photos, text, negatives, slides, 3-D objects etc.

              Here's the PC Connection site showing this scanner:

              The price is at $179.00 and it's an additional $99 for the adapter.


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                Thanks everyone for all that great information. It's something I will probably do in the near future so I am looking for as much info as I can get. I will definately check out the sites you all posted. You all are a big help in the decission process.


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                  Ditto with DJ.

                  This is the type of information I was looking for. It will definitely help in the decision-making process. THANKS!



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                    I looked at the Sprint Scan 4000 at the PPA show last month and it looked like a great scanner. I'm considering one over the Nikon. At the e-cost site they do not list it with the Silver Fast software. The reps at the show highly recommened using Silver Fast. Might be worth making sure this comes with it at a $450 price.



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                      I don't know if you've ever purchased from e-cost but they slap on a high handling cost that you are unaware of until you finish the ordering process. Not cool. Just a little info to think about.


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                        I never dealt with them, but it sure is good to know when there are things like that to consider. Thanks for the tip.



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