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  • Fried Memory

    I just tried to install a new sd 128mb pc100 memory chip as recommended by Compaq for my computer. After inserting I powered up and began to smell plastic. Shut down removed burned module. Thank God was able to start up again and did not ruin existing mem, so far. Anyone have any idea what I did and if I did damage to the slot? Thanks in advance.


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    Yikes! I have no idea what you might have done Debbie. (It might not have been you at all - it could have been a faulty memory module.)

    I'll ask my brother (much more knowledgeable about hardware than I) and see if he knows of anything. I really doubt it was something you did though.



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      Hi again Debbie,

      My brother thinks that it was most likely a bad DIMM (memory stick). He says it could have been a bad socket/slot, but he doubts it. (As far as whether you damaged the socket, I'm not sure you'll know unless you try to add another memory stick to see if it's recognized and works. Since Compaq suggested this fix to you in the first place, you might want to call them for advice.)

      If I were you, I would return the memory stick and ask for a new one or a refund.



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        Thanks so much for your input. I'm kicking myself cause I'm very cautious when it comes to poking around the innards. I think your brother is right and chip was faulty. I am going to return and replace it and say a prayer that I didn't damage th slot. I think I was quick enough. What burns me is this particular compaq only allows 348 mb total mem, and if I burned out the slot, I'll be stopped at 256...Not what I was hoping for. Anyway, thanks again. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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