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  • Scanner that restores photos

    I just watched a digital video show that showcases Microtek's ScanMaker 6800 that says it can restore pictures while scanning.

    Has anybody seen it or used it?

    here's the link to their website:

    Rey Mendoza

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    I have not seen one yet but the technology, Digital ICE, has been around for awhile...first time I have seen it in a flatbed though. That's a nice scanner by the looks of it...Epson has some competition in this market now. It's under $400 and actually includes the Firewire cable AND card in the box! often does that happen?


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      micro tek digital ice

      I just bought this scanner and it is great, and yes it really repairs yours photos automatically to a great detail.
      This is to say if it has scratches, folds, cracks and like that.
      I was told after opening the box, a few days later how great the new epson is so was disappointed that I had not waited and checked out the epson but I am very happy with the micro tek.
      One of the reasons I got it was because of a class I took with Taz Talley on scanning and after getting really educated about scanners this was the closest to a good scanner in my price range i could go for. The one they make for around $1200 is the best you can use from a more professional standpoint.
      The strogest point that Taz imparts in his classes is that almost all of your repair should be done in the scanner and not in photo shop, that is curves, levels etc. should be done while in the preview and then bring into ps for fine detail but most corrections are better done in the scanner and finding a scanner with that ability is what is really the best and why i went for this one.
      He also highly recommends "silverfast" software for use with your scanner, I have heard it is somewhat pricy so have not gotten it yet but will after seeing how well you work with it.


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        Doug started a thread on this scanner here.


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