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full scratch disk ?

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  • full scratch disk ?

    Ok, I know very little to nothing about the "guts" of my computer. It is a pc with 80gb ram?, the problem is there are 2 hard drives c with 20, and d with 60, of course when I started installing everything I put it on c and that is where my windows xp is. and now suddenly for whatever reason no matter what program or what I am doing it says scratch disk seriously low on memory and there are alot of things it won't do because it says there is no memory. So that is partly true on the c drive there is only 6% left but on the d there is 98% free.
    Now for my question, do I have to reinstall my programs over to d to utiliize the free space or can I even put say ps on d when windows is on c?
    I have tried to degragment but even that won't work well because it is so full on c and I took off all the programs I don't absolutely use alot but that did not help hardly at all. also there is 1 gb of memory, I should not be having a problem but sure am at this point..

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    Open PhotoShop and go to Edit/Preferences/Plugins and Scratch Disks. Set the top scratch disk to D. That should help some.


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      Hi [email protected]

      You have two options you can either uninstall some programs to free up space or change your page file to your D drive which would also free up some space on C

      You change your swap file by ----

      Open the control panel
      Open the system
      Down the bottom you will see your computer hardware and how much ram is installed - make a note of this
      Click on the Advanced tab at the top
      Open the performance settings button
      Click advanced
      Down the bottom youn will find virtual memory click on the settings button
      You will see your two drives in the box
      Click on d and in the custom size boxes input your virtual memory size - you work this out by doubling your ram so 128 would need to be 512 - put the same figure in both of the boxes
      Click on your c drive and change the figures to 0 and 0

      click okay,
      you will have to restart your computer but you should find that your computer works after that ..... hopefully

      Hope this helps


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        thanl you Clare

        I will try that, I have already uninstalled several programs and that did not do much so i will try you method and especially thank you for the detailed info for this dummy.


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