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Question about picture size and resolution

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  • Question about picture size and resolution

    My camera, a Casio QV-4000 has several options on picture sizes: 2240 x 1680, 2256 x 1504, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, and 640 x 480. I also have quality options of: fine, normal, economy and tiff.

    When I open them in PS-7, the larger picture dimensions are huge in terms of inches: 31 x23, 31 x 21, 22 x 16, 18 x 13, and
    9 x 6 1/2 respectively.

    I usually end up resizing them to fit the media before printing.

    The question is, is the resolution or quality of the larger sizes better or worse than the smaller sizes?

    This weekend, I have to photograph my sons wedding. It is out of town and I am limited to a 256 mb compact flash card and wont be able to download to computer untill I get home after the wedding.

    Using the larger size and a TIFF setting, I can only store about 40 pictures. Using the Fine Quality setting and 1600 x 1200, I can store over 200, and with Fine and 2256 x 1504, I can store 125 pics.

    Obviously, I want good photos to work with, so after downloading them to PS-7, can I save them in the Tiff format and still have good quality? Or is it time to buy that IBM Microdrive and do it all in Tiff/

    I know there is probably not a short answer to this, but could some of you pro photographers advise me on this.


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    There is a short answer: time for the microdrive
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      I agree with Doug - the short answer is it's time to buy the microdrive - esp. since we're talking about a wedding! (Also, make sure you have plenty of batteries!)

      I do have one question though - what is the end format of the pictures going to be? Will you be printing them or just making a CD of digital images? If you won't be printing the images, you can probably get away with the lower resolution images. However, I would still save everything as TIFF since it gives you more data to work with when you go to edit them.

      I think the issue with the image sizes as downloaded is that the camera sets everything to a 72dpi resolution. Hopefully when you resize to fit the print media, you're not resampling the image (i.e., the actual pixel dimensions stay the same, you just change the resolution to adjust the inches the image will print at.)

      One other option which I realize is almost blasphemous to mention around here, but you could use an "old" 35mm film camera to take the wedding pictures - unless you need instant feedback of course.



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        I will be printing some of the images for the relatives that don't have computers. The others will recieve the images in "FlipAlbum" 5.0..

        I just can't bring myself to go back to #*&!#!! film. I suppose that in my heart, I knew what the answer was going to be.

        Now, if I can just slip this Microdrive purchase by my wife without getting scalped. lol She's A.I.

        Thanks for the advice............Greg


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          Originally posted by gblount
          I just can't bring myself to go back to #*&!#!! film.
          I knew I should be ducking behind my desk when I said that.

          Yeah, what does "A.I." mean?



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            Don't ask me - I'm still shooting film. I just went along with the choices initially provided cuz I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to digital camera technology.



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              Just curious. Why is a microdrive the answer? Another 256MB card is only $50 and the CF cards are easier on the batteries.
              You may want to check out this thread. Scroll down to Carl's contribution (cendres). I think the current models are around $250 for 20GB (lotsa pics there ).

              If it's a wedding you're doing, you have to use the maximum res of your camera.


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                Guess I'm with Chuck on this one. A CF card has no moving parts..


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                  Some great ideas! Thanks, everyone. I knew I could count on some help here at RP.

                  I think I had better go with another 256 card at this point and do the old review and delete process.

                  Also, the best JPEG setting on my camera gives excellent images. I suppose I can just save them as Tiff files once I download them to stop any further loss of detail.


                  ps: A.I. = American Indian (she says Native American) That was just the joke about getting scalped. Hope no one takes offense.
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