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  • chris h
    Thanks both, I've found a Netgear modem that offers both ethernet and USB options so I'll pick up one of those as I'll be buying a 'wires only' service.

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  • winwintoo
    I've had DSL for about 5 years and I don't recall being given the option to have a USB connection even when I moved and had to get a whole new install and new modem. Hmmmm

    However you connect, you'll enjoy it Chris, but I warn you, get the chores done before you sit down there. Without the clock nagging at you, who knows what you'll get in to.....

    Take care, Margaret

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  • LactoBeeZor
    I am not an expert....

    But in my opinion. I would rather have a ethernet card connect because the USB port shares bandwidth. If you have several things going on it could slow things down. And the limits are lower than a ethernet card. You might not have to worry about that due to a speed cap. The most simple of cards are 10megs/sec . I personally have cable and usually run 3-3.2 megs/sec and that alone would choke a USB attachment.

    Like I said this is my opinion and you should listen to the experts.

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  • chris h
    started a topic ADSL Query

    ADSL Query

    Just heard that we'll be getting ADSL service here at Castle Perilous in late June. I've been told that I can connect the PC to the new modem via an ehternet card(in situ) instead of USB. Any benefits to this configuration apart from saving a USB port ?


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