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    08-22-2003, 07:50 PM
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    I have waded through the replies to your initial post about slide film/negative film and would like to supplement these replies.

    I have had quite a lot of experience hand processing Ektachrome transparency film (35mm) and have made these observations.

    1) Temperature control is paramount to quality results.
    2) It is a while now since I did some but it is heavily time consuming. I recall about an hour per roll.
    3) Organising all the solutions in the correct quantities, at the correct temperature is tedious.
    4) Mixing and storing the extra solutions is a pain.
    5) The rinse water for pre/during and final rinse should be kept within a fairly well defined temp range ie +2 to -2 degrees F. (Reticulation/Grain gain if not fairly seriously observed)

    My recommendation? Get the 'Professionals' to do it. I've been out of the mainstream for a few years now so things may have changed but I predict not a great deal. BTW, a good thing to do is buy ektachrome in 100ft rolls and buy a bulk loader. Load it as you need it and refrigerate, not freeze, the bulk loader until next time. Give it time to reach room temp before exposing the film.

    If you want the finest quality buy Kodachrome with a mailer.


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      Hi Stevo, I appreciate your insight on developing the slide film. I really don't know much about the proceedures as I have yet to do my first roll. I am glad to know ahead of time though about the ridgid proceedures and temperature requirements. It may turn out that I wont develop all my film. I'll just have to see how it goes. I have developed 70mm black&white film and x-ray film in years past but those just used a simple mono-bath and fixer. I get the idea that the color slide film will be quite a bit more to it than that. I bought the darkroom equipment < $100.00 on ebay and if it turns out not to be something I want to do on an ongoing basis I can always turn back around and sell it. I wonder what kind of turn-around I could get with a mailer? Leaving it a Walgreens for 2 weeks wasn't very exciting.

      Hi Fishboy, I do plan on getting a DSLR when I can afford it. Right now I don't have the extra 2500.00 or so to shell out. If the business turns our good and I am able to actually start making money with my photography I will most certainly buy the DSLR I really want. Right now I am using a Nikon CP-995 which does very good except for it not being an SLR. I have learned how to shoot in bright sunlight with a hood over the viewscreen. I have also learned how to compensate for it's low light auto-focus problems. One of it's strong suits is Macro shooting. So far I haven't been able to equal it with the Canon A-1. It will probably require a much more expensive lens than I now have. That Cp-995 takes absolutely beautiful macro shots.

      Oh well thanks guys for the info.