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Using 2 screens

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  • Alvaretto

    The card I bought is a MSI GeForce4 440.

    I´m not using identical monitors so the colours are quite different between them. Anyway, where I work there are 11 identical monitors and you can easily distinguish 4 different colours.

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  • clare
    Hi Alvaretto,

    How are you finding the colours between your monitors?
    Are you using identical monitors?

    I am curious as to how you get on as I currently use 2 graphics card in my set up and do experience some differences in colour between the two displays.

    Which Dual card did you choose?

    Thanks in advance


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  • Alvaretto
    Thanks Jeanie. I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to solve this problem and I finally changed the new adapter for a model with dual capabilities.

    Of course, I had to pay "dual" price.

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  • jeaniesa

    Do you have the documentation for your motherboard? When you say you have an "on board adapter", does that mean the video connection is on your "back panel" or is it an AGP slot with the SiS 305 plugged into it? And is the new 3DForce4MX an AGP or PCI card?

    Even if you're able to answer those questions, I don't think I'd have an answer for you. I'm thinking that your motherboard either doesn't support the configuration you're trying to set up - or there is a dip switch somewhere on the motherboard which you need to set correctly to allow you to use that setup. You'll need to look at the motherboard documentation for that info. Most manufacturers have motherboard specs/documentation on their websites. Try looking there for the details on your motherboard's configuration.


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  • Alvaretto
    started a topic Using 2 screens

    Using 2 screens

    I want to use to screens spliting my desktop.
    I have an onboard adapter (SIS 305) and I added a 3DForce4MX.
    The problem is that now my onboard adapter has disappeared but when I take away the new adapter the onboard appears again.
    I´m using Windows XP.

    Any hint???


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