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  • Buying for a scanner help

    Ok, i would like to buy a scanner now. Probably a scanner that will work with photoshop since its better. i have the software i dont need to nstall another software. I see corel mostly use to scan image with different resolutions. I dont know if PS can do this in scanning since i have no idea in scanners YET.
    In buying scanners what specifications should i see. I know some says HP is the best but i think they just said that because of the name of the company sometimes those that arent famous imho creates better scanners.
    Ok, so what specifications important are needed to consider before buying a scanner. If possible it be able to scan text as ocr and also scan negatives as i read in the previous post about the ice technology. i dont know that.
    Thanks for reading this.

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    Garfield, try this link - it should answer all your questions, just read away and follow the links. <g>

    Hope this helps,

    Stephen Marsh.


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