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sony or sony?

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  • sony or sony?

    I'm considering the sony mavica 500 and the sony dsc-v1.

    the mavica has 3x zoom and uses the 3" CDs instead of memory sticks, and the DSC V1 has 4x zoom but requires the memory stick.

    I like the idea of the CDs instead of memory sticks, but I like the 4x zoom on the DSC-V1.

    If I go with the mavica, will I regret not having a longer zoom.

    BTW....the mavica has a closer macro range than the DSC-V1

    HELP me make a wise decision!


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    I wouldn't touch either of the Mavicas just because of the delay in writing to the media.

    You should be able to pick up affordable 2nd hand 7x7s to practise on.


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      I was going to say the same thing as Al. The delay writing to the media is a major negative in my book!


      P.S. I'm loving my 717!


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        i've narrowed my choices down to sony because of the zeiss lens, the low light capabilities and long life batteries.

        I'm not sure what you mean my 7x7. Do you mean 707 and/or 717? Or is this a designation for a DSLR?

        My budget willl not allow me to go much higher than about $800.

        I was also under the impression that the CD storage was much more economical than the memory sticks. I was not aware of a delay while writing though. Are we talking 10 seconds or more?

        I am not a professional, just a 'serious' hobbyist.

        thanks again for all the info.



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          Having owned a sony DV camera I can assure you that merroy sticks and the sony filters are very expensive. The filters at sony were so highly priced compared to other retailers that I in the end managed to get a steping ring to increase the filter size upto something sensible!

          I don't have any experience of their cameras but like a previous post (sorry can remember who!!) I would also look at other makes. My first digital camera was made by Casio but the lens was Canon...... I found for the chip capibility (3.3) the picture quality was far better than I had ever expeced out of a digital camera - I still use it on a regular basis

          Hope this helps



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            Re: ???

            Originally posted by sjm
            I'm not sure what you mean my 7x7. Do you mean 707 and/or 717?
            Yes, it means the 707/717.
            I was also under the impression that the CD storage was much more economical than the memory sticks. I was not aware of a delay while writing though. Are we talking 10 seconds or more?
            I just found a user review on dpreview for one of the previous Mavica cameras that said there was a longer-than-normal delay between pressing the shutter button and the picture being taken, as well as a 5 second delay to write the file to the CD. That may not seem like much, but in use, it will probably seem like an eternity - esp. if you're used to 35mm.

            CD-Rs may be cheaper than the memory sticks, but I just bought three 128MB memory sticks at for $44 minus a $15 rebate from Lexar. Given that the memory sticks can be used over and over - and given that they're a lot smaller to lug extra ones around, I prefer that solution. I saw mention of the 3" CD-RW disks at dpreview, but assuming the 3" CD-RW are the same as the full size, I personally wouldn't trust them to hold my pictures. A while back I was doing CD-R/RW research and the general consensus that I found on the web indicated that if you have important data to back up, don't back it up to CD-RW because it has a much higher failure rate than CD-R media.

            I'm not sure what kind of Sony camera Clare had, but since the 717 has a threaded lens, all of my current filters (from my 35mm camera) work just fine on it. I also like that because I can put a UV filter on it to protect the lens. That was one thing that I didn't like about so many of the other cameras I looked at - no lens thread, thus no way to put a protective filter on.

            Also, you mentioned in another thread that you were looking at the V1 (rather than the 717) because it's smaller and you're tired of lugging a big camera around. Aren't the Mavica's larger than some of the other camera because of the housing needed for the CD?

            As far as looking at other brands, I know you've done a ton of research (just like I did). All I can say is that I really love the 717! I don't know how it compares to the V1 though. I highly recommend finding a store that carries all of the cameras you're looking at and "playing" with them at the store. I had three cameras that I was considering and I have to say that after handling them at a store (the feel of it in my hands, the view finder, the ease of navigation of the menu system without a manual, the similarity of type and placement of controls to my 35mm), the 717 was the clear winner. I'd pretty much determined that I'd be happy with any of the pictures from the cameras I was looking at, so it really came down to how easy it was for me to pick up the camera and start using it.

            I'm really glad I got a camera with an electronic view finder. I think an optical viewfinder would have driven me crazy. And, I've found that I use the view finder a lot more often than the LCD display for framing my pictures and taking them because the camera is much more steady with the view finder resting against my forehead/eye than with it out in front of me using the LCD display. There are definitely times for using the LCD display (like when reaching above my head for a shot at the baby robins in their nest), but I much prefer the view finder otherwise.

            Obviously, I can't give you an opinion on other makes of cameras - or even other Sony models - but I've been really happy with my decision to purchase the 717.



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              for all the info. I'm not closed to other mfgs. and I'll definitely do some more research before I committ big $$$.

              I had a B-A-D experience with the Minolta Maxxum in '85 and I swore I'd never darked their consumer door again.

              I was originally considering Nikon, Canon, or Olympus before I swayed to Sony, so it's back to the camera review sites before I make my final decision.

              Thanks again for all the input!


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                Big Al., You have got to be kidding? Practice...... What are you talking about? Maybe I misread your post? I know many professsionals using the Sony and Minolta 7x7 or 7series cameras. I know of many 11x14 prints that have been mistaken for medium format film stuff. Hmmm. Practice?


                What are you tying to say Big Al?
                I really don't know what you're trying to ask. Using a top-end digicam is very different to film SLR. You have to practise to become proficient at using a digicam, and I'd rather buy a 2nd hand digicam to get used to it (which is what I've done). Even focussing with a digicam can be a nightmare, and we're not talking about the zillion other settings that you can play around with...


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                  Originally posted by BigAl
                  Using a top-end digicam is very different to film SLR.
                  Having used 35mm for three decades and just getting a digicam this week, I have to agree with this statement. What I've come to realize is that although the camera is very comfortable for me to use, I still think in "35mm mode". There are functions of the camera that I have yet to touch upon - and trying to explain the focusing to my mom tonight (who chipped in to purchase the camera with me), I realized that I don't have as strong a grasp of the focusing as I thought. I feel like I still have a lot of experimenting/practicing to do with the camera before I really have the control to produce the results I'm trying to achieve. The nice thing about digital is that the feedback is immediate, so I can try a shot, download to see if I captured what I thought I did, and reshoot if not.

                  I've found that the LCD playback is not really a good indication of brightness/contrast as compared to what I see in PS, thus I like to download to judge an image. Hopefully as I use the camera more, I'll be able to do the "translation" between LCD and PS in my head without having to download. I have noticed that the histogram that's shown for any given image looks more like what PS shows me than the LCD. I.e., the LCD may look blown out in the highlights, but the histogram doesn't show data anywhere near the right edge - then in PS the highlights look fine.

                  Anyway, I do think it takes practice to really get everything possible out of the camera (rather than fix later in PS, which I've been doing quite a bit of, though it's still infinitely easier than scanning!)



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                    I don't think you have a live histogram do you? If you do it should be fairly accurate.

                    Yes, I do have a live histogram - and I have found it to be quite accurate.

                    I also have a manual focus ring and have found it very useful - and it automatically zooms in when I'm using it. Very helpful!



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                      My mom has the camera (and manual) today, so I won't be able to answer all of your questions until I get the camera in my hands again. Still learning about it, so can't answer all of your questions off the top of my head. I do remember that at some point when I was using the manual focus ring, the image in the evf/lcd display automatically zoomed way in (not sure of the exact magnification) while I was handling the focus ring. I can't remember if it did that in all conditions though. I'll play with it and get back to you.



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                        just got back from Best Buy............

                        and played with the Sony 717. I must say, it handled much easier than I anticipated. The zoom control on the left was a little awkward, but not an insurmountalbe problem.

                        on ANY camera, I'm gonna need my specs to work the tiny buttons and it was a real hassle to remove the glasses for using the view finder.....them specs back on...specs off.....specs on......specs off......I felt like I was in a bad scene from the Karate Kid until I discoverd the diopter adjustment in the view finder.

                        that alone may sway me to the 717.

                        I'm holding out until I can try the DSC-V1 and give it a try, but the 717 is looking real attractive.

                        PS....I've pretty much ruled out the Mavica.

                        thanks again to everyone for the input!


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                          Followed this thread - WOW you guys know your stuff ! ( I am a point and shoot type of girl)

                          I can only comment on what I own and how I feel about it. Our first digital was the Sony Mavic for the floppy disk (that was about 6 years ago). We were thrilled with the camera (at the time) and it's durability, and ease of use -- the kids even used it! The camera still works

                          We now have the Cyber-shot 3.3 DSC-F505V with the Ziess lens - (my camera), my husband has the DSC-9P with the underwater pack.

                          I think ease of use for the individual and quality that you are happy with should be a determining factor in your purchase also.

                          My husband HATES my camera, yet loves his for ease of use.

                          I am very happy with the Sony product -- wish you the best of luck in your shopping.

                          Let us know how you make out --- and most of all post us some of your results! lol


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