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Best laser printer...Tell me your opinion!!!

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  • Best laser printer...Tell me your opinion!!!

    I want to buy a laser printer for home use. If have U have some time to reply to this message please tell me what I should choose.

    Thank U...


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    Hello Viorel - and welcome to RetouchPro!

    I don't personally have any information on laser printers. I think that most (of not all) of us who have home printers to print photos and art do not use laser printers. They are great for text and documents, but I personally don't know anyone using them for photos/images (which is what this site is about.)

    That said, there are a few people here who work as system and/or network administrators (and some who might have laser printers at home or small offices) who might be able to give you some info.



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      Welcome, Viorel!

      The posts above bring up some good points for you to think about. I will answer your question with my personal experience based on the laser printer that I own, but you have not said whether you need a black/white or color printer, or what you will use it to print. The best printer for your needs will depend on YOUR personal needs -- the more certain you are of what you need this printer to do for you, the easier it will be to pick and choose between all the many printers available for purchase.

      I have a laser printer, which I bought especially to print "copy ready" versions of a newsletter that I prepare for commercial printing. For this special job, I NEEDED a laser printer with good black/white print quality of text/images that would not be high priced. I WANTED a printer with USB connection, and that would not be messy or difficult when changing toner and drum. Speed of printing was not a major issue. This was a couple of years ago, and I purchased the Samsung ML-1210. I have been very pleased with its print quality, its speed, and its reliability. It has a cartridge system for toner, and isn't messy to change. I am not promoting this printer, but it has done the job I needed.

      Hopefully you are already searching the internet for reviews of current printers to compare features, quality of construction, warranty offered, and price. I have included a couple of links to some useful information that you may not have already seen.

      Laser printers - some reviews

      E-pinions -- people's opinions of products

      Good luck in your search, and if you have more specific needs, be sure to post that info here so others can help.


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