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  • Thank U all...

    Thank U all...I did't thought that I will have an answer so quickly and I thank U all...From your answers I see that I have not been too explicit refering to what I need...I am new in photo world and don't know too many things about printers. I have learned today that I need an Ink Jet printer, because I want to use the printer for photos and posters. I have learned that an EPSON is the best choice for quality photo print.
    But what about a multifunctional HP (hp officejet 6110 )

    The quality is the same? This is my main interest...quality!
    It has a good price, 300$, and it has a scanner too and I need one as well

    Thank U again...


    ps: scuse my english...I'm from Romania...

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    I would highly suggest getting just a printer, and not a multifunction printer.
    I say this because I have a Canon MultiPASS C5500 here in my office. It prints, copies, and faxes. The problem is that it does none of these very well.

    The HP is probably much better than the multifunction unit I have here. But I'm still wary of any device that tries to do too much. They have to cut corners somewhere to keep the price down.

    I found this review at on the HP: is a leading price comparison site that allows you shop online for the best deals and lowest prices. You can read unbiased product reviews and compare prices online. Online shopping has never been as easy!

    and also at

    If this helps, I have a HP Deskjet 970Cse here at work, and an Epson Stylus C80 at home. The Epson photo prints surpass the HP, the the Epson was about $100 less than the HP.

    I did notice that the HP you are looking at uses one cartridge for all color inks. So if you run low on Magenta, you have to replace the whole thing even if you still have plenty of cyan and yellow left. The Epsons use separate cartridges for each ink color. Newer, higher models also now have 6 colors vs. 4 for improved photo prints.

    I would try to find a local dealer who will print out a photo with the machine (or let you print one out) so you can judge if it will meet your needs. And be sure to print it on photo paper to see it's capabilities, not just on regular paper.


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      Seems like EPSON (maybe EPSON 825) is the best choice I could make...Thank you for the advice (to all)...
      Now, as a beginer I have many questions...
      So if U don't mind, please tell me what camera is best for quality pictures...I'm refering to a "Digital Camera".
      Do U hapend to know anything about it?



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        About the digital camera

        I want to spend 300- 400$ and I want to make pictures to the peoples. I do not know any price for digital cameras, allmost nothing about them. Im intrestes in high quality portrets. What is your recomandetion.



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