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Turning calibration off

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  • Turning calibration off

    Having just purchased the Epson 3200 Pro, I got a copy of Monaco EZcolor2 in the box and decided to use it instead of Adobe Gamma for monitor calibration. I went through the wizard several times to make sure I had it right, and was reminded of how calibration, though essential for good print matching, really does degrade the CRT image for day-to-day work like emailing and forum surfing. So I made the decision to turn off calibration unless actually working in PS. I find the more contrasty and vivid colors easier on my eyes for reading.

    Has anyone else noticed this, or come up with some other solution?
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    To be honest, I hadn't even thought about it! I'm curious what others have to say.



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      What I do...


      For my Epson 2400 Photo, I set the scanner to use a custom profile and convert it to Adobe RGB before transferring it to Photoshop. This is done in the Epson TWAIN driver.

      This allows me to adjust the levels (or gray balance, etc) BEFORE the image it's Photoshop. My scanned photo's turn out 100% on the mark for colours and usually only needs a slight level adjustments to get the right contrast.

      Oh, I've also used the Monaco System (probably not the same as what's included with the 3200) to calibrate the scanner... it worked very well for me.


      Eric Polsinelli


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