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  • scanner problem

    HI! I would like to ask why is it my scanner everytime i scan it it scans it as brownish the example is below although i did pick up the color option and 24 bits instead of 48 bits because i think 48 its is unstable. i dont know why this happened the image is from a photo taken up at the church. do i need to place the photo exactly on the very fathest corner of the scanner? BVecause i place it on the center of the scanner. A little help please
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    so how do i repair the red channel personally i think na ung blue channel is the one that has error. I'm not sure though is it probably because im still a beginner in scanner im not sure though. or maybe scanner stats to go crazy since its already one year with me. i also have problem with its ocr capability but that's for another.
    Yup i understand it all. Naintindihan ko lahat yun Salamat Thank you


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