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How to find a Scan-Tastic Scanner

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  • How to find a Scan-Tastic Scanner

    Got this scanner info in e-mail and thought it offered some interesting info and links for someone considering the purchase of a new scanner.
    Check it out here

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    Thanks DJ for the information. This is exactly want I needed as I am about to invest in a new scanner.



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      I would suggest a serious consideration is how you intend on using the scanner. If you are going to spend hours scanning hundreds of pictures daily, make sure you get one that can scan quickly. If like me, you only do the occasional scan, you can save a fair amount of money by gettting one that is much 'cheaper' but will suit your purposes. Also, what are you going to use it for? If you are only going to use it to put images on the web (at 72dpi), gettting a 9600dpi scanner is pointless. Not only are file sizes incredibly huge (read - need lots of RAM and huge CPU), but the average best quality printer will be 600dpi. There are others with higher print qualities but you will pay for these accordingly. Alot of the work that I do is only at 300dpi.

      It's kinda like going to the most expensive restaurant and ordering a hamburger. Might cost you $50, where as you'd be as satisfied if you went to the local burger joint and paid $2. As with anything you purchase, figure out your requirements and purchase accordinly.


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