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    No one else has brought this up, so I thought I would. Did anyone else watch the demonstration of the new G5 along with Panther? I'm not even a Mac guy and I had serious technolust just watching the movie. It's not the typical demonstration, since it was for software developers. Quite honestly, there were huge stretches I didn't even understand, but there was also some serious coolness going on.
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    I'm watching it now on my MAC G4.

    No chance I'll be getting the G5 any time soon, but I'll definitely upgrade to Panther.



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      I will definitely be upgrading to Panther - cool new features. The finder improvements alone are enough to make me want it.

      As far as a new G5, I'm still using a couple of G3's and they meet my needs, but let me get my hands on a few extra $$ and there'll be an order in for a G5 for sure.

      Take care, Margaret


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