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Got my new printer today!

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  • Got my new printer today!

    I broke down and ordered an Epson Stylus Photo 1280 printer and it has finally arrived! I can't wait to try it out. The problem is that I am right in the middle of spackling a bathroom wall, and I also want to finish up my pumpkin entry for the manipulation challenge, but most of all I want to play with my new printer. AHHH! I need to scan myself so I can have some copies running around helping me with my list of chores!


    (*reluctantly drags self back to spackling project*)

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    i bet your keyboard has telltale white smudges on it. try not to get any in your hard drive

    envious congratulations



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      Spackling ?

      Spackling ? Can't find it in my US-English phrasebook.


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        Re: Spackling?

        "Spackling" is when you use "spackle" to fill small holes and/or cracks in a wall before painting.

        And "spackle" is a trademark (according to my dictionary) for a powder to br mixed with water or a ready-to-use plastic paste.

        T, let us know how you like your new printer when you finally get around to trying it out. I'd also be interested in what printer you had previously and how it compares since I'm sure I'll be looking for one in the near future.

        Thanks, Jeanie


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          Kathleen…well I have managed to keep the white smudges off the keyboard, but not my clothes.

          Chris and Jeanie…Actually I am doing big time repairs and covering the entire wall with joint compound also known as spackling or mud. I started removing the wallpaper, but the gypsum board wasn’t painted, so it pulled a lot of the paper off. Figure it would just be easier to cover the entire area with joint compound…planned on giving the wall a texture finish anyway so this saves me a step. Also I am doing two bathrooms, but luckily the other one was done right, so it will go a lot faster…then I can get to the printer!!!

          Jeanie, my old printer was a Hewlett Packard DeskJet 890C. I don’t have any complaints about it. I decided it was time to upgrade though as I want to go into the photo restoration and retouching business and from what I read from this forum, Epson seemed the way to go. I’ll post the comparison of the two printers once I finally get to try the new Epson printer out.

          Cheers (*wipes joint compound off face*)



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            Originally posted by T Paul
            my old printer was a Hewlett Packard DeskJet 890C.
            Perfect! Mine is currently an HP 882C, so your comparison should be quite applicable to my situation.
            Thanks, Jeanie


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              Hurry up with your spackling T so I can see how you like your Epson. I got the 2000 and I LOVE it. I haven't had any trouble with it and the prints are beautiful. There is a slight color shift when viewed under different lighting but that's the worst thing I can say about it.

              Chris H ~ Are you really having to look up American slang in a book so you can understand us? I know Candid Camera did a spoof on Americans trying to decipher Brit slang and it was so funny. When you asked about spackling, it made me think of that show.


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                A very good choice. You will really enjoy it. Why is it that whenever a new toy arrives, so does a bunch of work to keep one from playing with it? Tom


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                  Dj, Check out this link--it may help you in alleviating the metamerism problem : Tom.


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                    Wow, Thanks Tom
                    I will definately try that little adjustment suggested in the article. I really only notice it in the reds and greens and usually it's not that bad. I just took it as one of the trade offs for having prints that last a lifetime. I usually go for the daylight viewing rather than light sources. I also copied the article for future reference.


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                      What a great site, Tom! Thanks!! I can order prints from that site on an Epson printer of my choice ($10 per print for most of them) and then compare the test prints to my current printer by printing out the test image that they provide. Way cool!! -Jeanie


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                        ‘England and America two countries divided by a common language’. (attrib G B Shaw )


                        You seem well into the house renovation business. Are you any good with thatched roofs ? If so can you start Monday usual rates, ladders provided.


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                          Oh T,

                          You just couldn't wait till Christmas could you...LOL...

                          Am anxious as well to hear your reviews of the epson..I have an epson 3000 that I got a while back as well an a 900. Have had HP's before and it has worked out to 5 HP's to 2 Epsons...I think Epson has won on that one.

                          I do work these printers pretty hard.

                          Aren't you done with that bathroom yet? We're all waiting anxiously for your important information....LOL.

                          Congrats on your new toy..don't ya just love new toys!


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                            Chris H…sorry I don’t do roofs (*smiles*).

                            Well guys and gals the first coat is done, but I need to do one more coat and run a few errands today. I plan on hooking up the printer today while I wait for the second coat to dry so I should have a report on the printers tomorrow.

                            (*eyes printer box and drags self back to work*)



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                              T, I don't know if we can survive the suspense.

                              (*eyes the printer box and says to hell the bathroom*)


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