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  • Question for Vikki

    In a seperate thread you mentioned that your video card had an output to VCR. If it wouldnt be imposing, could You tell me if you had it installed as an aftermarket item and what the make is? Thanks in advance, Tom

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    The card is made by ATI. I bought it a few years ago, and I don't think they make the exact same model, but do still carry the type.
    It's sort of confusing when your looking for these things - too many options. Here's the model I have:
    ATI-3D Pro Turbo PC2TV (DirectX) - Rage II/II+

    Basically, you want to get one that has a video out featue, like PC2TV. I have one of those small TV's with a built in VCR. You just go ahead and record as you would any TV show.

    Before buying that, I had tried the gadgets that hook up between the two machine.....not good.

    I installed this myself. Just pulled out the old video card, and popped the new one in, and installed the software - no rocket science there.

    One final thing. I've tried a lot of slide show type software, and the best one for this is by Play. It's called Performer, and it comes bundled with a bunch of other programs, under the name Gizmos. I can't find the link to the company, as it looks like they must have sold their PLAY.COM to Sony. However, I think the software is still available in stores at about $40-$50 (maybe less now).

    Hope this helps.~Vikki


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      Many thanks. That's info I needed. The local Historical Society is putting together a computer system to allow them to present slideshows etc. and they wanted to be able to output their computer generated stuff to video tape. This will give 'em a place to start and get me off the hook. Thanks again. Tom