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    While perusing the ''Whats your system'' thread I notice CRT's still hold a firm grip. Granted we are all looking through different eyes but I wonder if anybody has seen a TFT they were impressed with yet from a graphics point of view?

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    Well that says it all!


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      Chris, The only LCD that I've seen demoed that I've been impressed by is the Apple 23" HD Cinema Display. Unfortunately, I don't own a Mac and I don't have $2000 to spend on a display, so I've never actually used one.

      I purchased a cheaper (though the specs looked good) LCD about a month ago and returned it within the week. I could not calibrate the display at all and I can't tell you how much ink and paper I wasted trying to print the beautiful royal blue that I'd included in a design only to have it print black time and time again.

      Thanks but no thanks on the LCD, I'll stick with my behemoth 22" CRT!!



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        Hi Chris, I'm a little late comming in on this one but I wanted to put in my 2 cents. I think the LCD screens will take over the business sector fairly well eventually. Possibly the home market too in the manufactures force them down our throats like I think they will. But, for the professional graphics market I think it will be a hard sell.

        I've been looking at those screens for years because they are essentually a laptop screen. I'm not impressed at all with this type of display. That's why I have a docking station for my laptop at work so I can view the screen on a regular display. they are definately better than the old passive displays the laptops had several years ago. But for normal viewing I prefer the CRT. I have loaded PS7 on my laptop and don't like the view.


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          Agreed on all points, I recently bought a Hitachi TFT and its great for office use especially in a bright office that I have. But running it in tandem with a Mitsubishi CRT really shows up its failings with regard to colour reproduction. I've no doubt things will improve but they still are well behind at the moment. Love them for small footprint and usability in strong lighting conditions.