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My latest toy (a new scanner)

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  • My latest toy (a new scanner)

    I just got my new scanner in the mail. Our other one finally bit the dust. I chose the Epson Perfection 1650 Photo because it has the built in transparancy unit and Epsons rated very high on the reviews. I don't know what I expected having had only one other scanner to compare with but all I can say is WOW. I am so amazed at how well it scans and the color negative scan came up like a photo. I am truly impressed. You can go for the simple settings or tweek your pre-scan to your hearts content. The twain software is fantastic with every setting adjustment you can imagine. I am very pleased with the quality of this scanner and the ease of use. As I get better aquainted with the bells and whistles I will let you know more. So far for $250 it's a remarkable machine.

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    Cool!!! What is the max. size negative the unit will handle? Sounds like a pretty impressive piece of hardware. Tom


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      Do you know about 'comp.periphs.scanners' on usenet or am I preaching to the converted ?


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        Cool! I can't wait to try it out! What's the optical resolution, and like Tom, I'd be interested in the negative formats it handles. Sounds like you won't have too much free time for a while. Glad you like it so far.



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          I don't know what it is I'm converted from. 'comp.periphs.scanners' on usenet?? What is that?

          Tom and Ed
          Negative size is 35mm but there is an optional one I can get that scans transparancies of 4x5 inches if I should need one in the future.

          The optical resolution is 1600 dpi.
          Color depth is 48 bits per pixel
          Optical Density is 3.2 Dmax
          Flatbed size is 8.5x11.7

          Hope I covered the most interesting features. Haven't played too much with it yet but I plan to explore more when I get some free time.


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            How does it do with color slides? What type of settings do you have to play with? Oh, I love new toys!!! SOooo many of 'em out there and SOooo little money!!! Darn!!! TOM


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              That sounds pretty decent to me! Wanna trade? I hope that 4 X 5 transparency adapter doesn't cost more than the scanner. I'm jealous.



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                Love those new toys, hate those creditors

                I believe that added transparancy thing is about $85. Not something I plan to buy soon. As a matter of fact, for that price I think I will try rigging something and just double scan and peice them together as I would an over size photo. Where there's a will there's a way to save money.

                I haven't done any slides yet Tom but I will let you know. If it is anything like the negatives, I will be thouroughly pleased.

                Yeah, I love them new toys too. I hadn't planned on this one especially with all the other modifications we've done lately but what are you going to do when you need to scan and the old one breaks down. God, please no more break downs!! Now the thing that's broke is my bank account. OUCH


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                  Oh DJ I'm soooo excited for you...

                  I have the epson 1640 and I absolutely love it.

                  I also have the transparency attachment and I highly recommend it well worth the extra bucks.

                  Have lots of fun with your new toy!


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                    Thanks Chris. I am loving this new toy but I discovered last night that I don't know how it turns off. My old one went off when the computer did. Couldn't find a switch. Am I missing something here?


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                      You're probably not missing a thing, except for an off switch. Its a disturbing trend that started a couple of years ago. My own scanner has no off switch, which bothers me a great deal.

                      My next scanner will have one, even if I have to pass on current favorites. I don't trust a machine without an off switch.

                      Mine (an HP) has locked up so often, and you wouldn't believe the contortions I've gone through to try to reset it.
                      Learn by teaching
                      Take responsibility for learning


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                        What is the logic in that? Why would they not put an off switch on it? Do they expect you to leave it on constantly or keep pulling out the plug? If that's the case I think I will have to put it on a power train with a switch easily accessible. That's crazy. I guess if I have a con on this machine that would be it. I plan to question Epson about that. Maybe they will put switches back on their machines. The printer has an off on switch. Thanks for letting me know I'm not going blind Doug.


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                          Wow DJ,

                          May not be a turn off switch..I know mine has one right on the lower front but like I say mine is the 1640 so not sure on yours.


                          The problems you are having with the HP is the exact reason I decided not to go with HP sick and tired of all the problems with 3 different HP's I had tried.


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                            Problem solved, I added an external switch. Works fine now. I do notice that when not in use the light goes out so that is good but I still think not having an off switch is stupid. However, I say it's a workable problem that doesn't take away from the great results I've gotten from it so far.

                            Doug, the switch is an easy fix where as the features they come with can't be added so you might want to rethink putting a switch on your priority list of features.


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                              Except that (in my case) no off/on switch also means no reset. So if it freezes in mid-scan (which happens too frequently) all the powering on and off in the world won't unstick it. No on/off switch basically means its meant to be 'on' all the time, so no provision for poweron diagnostics, etc.
                              Learn by teaching
                              Take responsibility for learning


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