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    I just returned from the family reunion and saw all the "new" digital cameras that my relatives purchased on the way to the reunion....

    I didn't even bother taking any pictures with my Kodak 3800.

    My sister got her Kodak digital a few years before I got mine and hers takes much better pictures - clear, focussed etc. Mine are fuzzy and grainy.

    Now, I have about $300 USD that I can spend - what do you recommend??

    I like the convenience of a digital, so I think I'll go that way again, but I don't know what to look for.

    I have a "universal" card reader with 4 slots, but some of the relatives had newer media that wouldn't fit in any of those slots....

    What do you recommend??


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    Can you stretch your budget just a little bit?
    Take a look at this
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      While prices have plummetted, I suspect you're going to be as disappointed with a $300 camera (today's prices) in less than a month or two; those units are very thinly stretched to cover the costs, and a lot of corners usually get cut. Not from the feature list, as that helps sell cameras, but the actual image quality--the reason people want one.

      If you can identify which features you must have, and which you can live without, you'll be in a better position to find the best camera in that price range. But it may well be better to wait and save for one that you'll be happy with for at least a while rather than squeeze into something that ou'll be unhappy with almost as soon as you've started using it.


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        Good point Kevin - that's what happened when I bought the camera that I have now!!

        I went looking today, and found a Canon and little photo printer in the $1200 Canadian range - and I think I've decided that I really can't justify the price right now.

        I seem to have acquired a lot of stuff that doesn't quite do the job - Kodak DC3800 camera that takes fuzzy pictures. Epson 1280 that prints muddy pictures. I need to get a grip on what I actually need before I spend any more money.

        Thanks also Doug and Don - in trying to come up with a list of features I really wanted/needed, I realized it was the glitter that I was lusting after.....

        Take care, Margaret


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          Don't give up yet Margaret. The Christmas season is comming up soon. The new models will be out and the current models will be reduced. Also you might look on ebay for a good buy on a slightly used model.

          I wouldn't trade my Nikon Cp-995 for anything less than a SLR. I have been so pleased with the results I get. But, to tell you the truth, even after I can afford the digital SLR I want I may still keep the 995. I do a lot of macro work and the 995 just excels at macro. I haven't been able to top it yet with my film SLR in the macro department.


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            I am always a bit reluctant to "recommend" something to someone. However, I do believe that a little time and research is well spent when thinking about a purchase such as this. Therefore, my recommendation is, if you have not already done so, you visit this site.
            Take a careful look at the cameras. Read the detailed reviews on the cameras that seem to fit your needs and then price them. If the cost is too high for you right now, wait. The price will definitely come down. In the meantime, just make sure you know what you want and why. That way when the moment presents itself you will be prepared.

            Good luck,



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              I dont think youll find much wrong with any of the models Canon, Olympus or Nikon produce even Minolta. I've a few digital cameras and at the end of the day the one that gets most use is a Canon Ixus simply because its convenient to carry and after many years using large format cameras thats a big plus, its size encourages you to carry the thing on a regular basis.


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                Drifting off topic: Margaret, you might want to ask for help with your 1280; it's an excellent printer when fed the right papers and using good color procedures (either profiles or other methods). It's generally considered the best 'affordable' color printer on the market, with a better color gamut than Epson's 2200 (no slouch!), and better longevity than Canon's 950 and 9100.

                Like any printer, though, a bad profile or some bad settings (even ONE!) will give garbage results.


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                  Hi Margaret,

                  I just had to jump in on this discussion and throw in my 5 cents.

                  I've had a nikon coolpix 990 for a couple of years now and had tried various other digital cameras. All I can say is that I hope my 990 doesn't break's excellent and has given me hundreds of good clear pictures.

                  One friend just got the nikon 5700 and another friend got the olympus C-750. Both are nice cameras but for the added bucks they have spent you could grab a 990 on ebay or through an online store for much less and get just as good of quality.

                  You might watch on ebay as that's where I got mine 2 years ago and have not regreted it at all.

                  Take care and have fun


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                    my Canon bias will probably show thru here but now that the Canon Powershot G5 (5 megapixel) model has been released the G2s and G3s will become dirt cheap both on the new and used market. The G2/G3s are great 4 megapixel cameras with full shutter/aperature control, manual or auto focus and the ability to mount an external flash. They also have a wealth of accessories available. I have made some real nice prints up to 16x20 with my G2. You may want to check out some of the better mail order houses like B&H or Adorama for their price and availability.


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                      Thank you all again for your suggestions.

                      I went back to the camera store and looked at one of those Canon G5 models, but that is too much camera for me - although if anyone wants to send one to me, I'd be happy to accept.

                      I took stock of the equipment I have and came up with the following requirements:

                      The Kodak DC3800 takes fuzzy pictures because of the digital zoom (which can't be turned off) - I want clear crisp images.

                      The Epson 1280 does a decent enough job of printing - when I use the right paper and get it cleaned and I use the roll paper to produce 4X6 (or other size) prints, BUT the prints are sort of "gummy" not smooth like from Wal-Mart. When I hand out pictures from the 1280, people complain that they don't feel "right"

                      Soooooooo ........ I went to the camera store and got a Canon S400 camera (that's IXUS 400 in Europe) and a CP-300 card photo printer.

                      The batteries are charging as we speak and as soon as I can, I'll post some examples.

                      I thought about the on-line vendors that you all suggested, but our monetary exchange rate is fluctuating so much lately, that it is not advantageous for us Canadians to buy anything that has to be purchased in US funds (my brother's new Olympus camera was much less expensive here)

                      Now I need to go and do some reading,



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                        Thats the updated version of the V3 I mentioned earlier so I'm sure you'll be pleased with it. My brother has one and being a tremendous butterfingers has dropped it many times, its covered in dents and still works perfectly!


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                          Originally posted by chris h
                          My brother has one and being a tremendous butterfingers has dropped it many times, its covered in dents and still works perfectly!
                          That is good to know - my grandson dropped the camera I had before when it was only a couple of days old. It still worked, but I wonder if that's been part of it's problem

                          The new gear is charged up now and I understand the basic functions, so I'm going to do some testing.

                          256 MB Flash Cards were down to $100 CDN today so I treated myself to one of those too!!

                          I'll keep you posted



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                            wow, this is kinda of funny, I came to RetouchPro today with the intention of posting exactly the same question that Margaret just posted!! I'm going crazy trying to decide what printer/digital camera combination to get (I've got money in hand, just can't decide for the life of me what to decide on..)

                            I've narrowed the choices down a fair bit, so this is most likely list of what I'm looking at buying:


                            Cannon i550, Epson Stylus photo 825, Epson Stylus C82 (unlikely since what I've read in reviews about the color issues with it)

                            what I need from a printer: basically I just need the best photo quality I can get in a low cost printer, nothing else really matters that much to me since it's almost exclusively photo's that I'll be printing from it.

                            Digital Camera:

                            I'm looking at the Toshiba PDR-3300 right now, but if I'm gonna get it, I gotta get it this evening since the sale ends today, I can get it for $300cdn if I act fast, which is a pretty good deal for a 3MP camera with a 3X optical zoom I think.

                            What I need from the camera: I just need a good all around camera, zoom is nice but not a requirement for me, color quality is the biggest thing for me, if there's slight problems with some photos it's not that big a deal since I can fix it in PS, but I just need good, fairly high res. images to work with.

                            I'd appreciate and help I can get quickly, because if I'm gonna get this stuff I have to get myself over to futureshop within a couple hours...
                            thanks in advance..

                            - David


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                              Ok well I was just checking out the epson website and found out that they'll give you a rebate if you buy the epson 825 and a Print Image Matching capable camera, which the Toshiba camera is, so that's making this look like a deal I can't pass up.. unless anybody tells me to avoid either of these products I'm running off to futureshop!

                              - David


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