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Anyone using an LCD Monitor?

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  • Anyone using an LCD Monitor?

    Anyone using an LCD Monitor for editing? I am curious cause I just got a monitor and it seems something is off but I can't figure out what it is.

    Everything looks beautiful, the minute I start looking at pictures that I had edited before... something that iwas supposed to be dark is not that dark, and light is a bit too light.

    Any information is appreciated.

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    I use a Sony 17" LCD Monitor and everything seems fine to me. I have had no problems with any images that I have worked on. Infact I think it is better than my 19" Sony CRT Monitor. Just my thoughts on this. I hope this helps.....


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      I believe the dark issue is a fundamental problem with LCDs. That is one of the reasons LCDs are not YET recommended for graphics work. Check out this review. LCD review

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        Its funny this topic is still here. You know alot of the professionals use LCD monitors. I know Katrin Eismann uses an LCD monitor. I do too. Not that I am in her league, but I find them to be fine for retouching and editing work.


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          People say that about LCDs. I use them exclusively now and am very happy with them - I have 2 different ones.

          I advise against cheap LCDs - they are not worth while. Also it is true that you can get more CRT for the same price.

          I think there is still a lot of residual bad press about LCDs from the bad old days when they were not as good as they are now.


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            I've been using an LCD monitor for over two years (I think), and have been extremely pleased with its clarity. I am able to calibrate to some degree (which is one of the issues often listed as a weakness of LCDs -- less able to calibrate compared to CRTs). I used to have to fiddle with my CRT controls, but this screen just stays the same without fiddling -- other than running my calibration routine.

            Balky -- I hope your problem has been solved by now.


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              i'm in the market for a monitor now, is anyone having any problem with a particular lcd monitor or having tremendous luck with one?

              i was thinking of getting two smaller one instead of one big one....

              thanks for you thoughts



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                I use a a7" Samsung Syncmaster 170T and a NEC 18" LCD. I like both of them but prefer the Samsung - partially because of the DVI interface, and partially because it is so sharp and clear.


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