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    Noticed a sign in our local Walmart advertising that they print pictures in one hour from a card or CD using the Fuji archival processing system - I guess the same one that the online processors use. I was going to originally upload some but because I am still using a modem I though it would take too long. Also the cost of a 4x6 copy was 28 cents- same as online.

    I was told that I could give them a CD with the picture files in either the jpeg or tiff format. I had used a medium resolution picture size on my digital camera and after fussing with them in PS, I put them in a tiff format at a high resolution. Anyway, the pictures were printed on a matte paper which I prefer and the quality of the prints were excellent Since I needed alot of copies it worked out to be a good choice. I was also concerned about the longevity of ones that I would do on my printer.

    Hopefully these photos( of a family function) will last as long as the ones I have in some old family albums.

    Good luck to all in New York- it's always something.


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    Thanks for the tip Paulette. That's a good one to keep in mind. Maybe Jak will have something to add.



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      This is definitly good to know, I'm just going to have to try it out to look at quality.



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        There is an important point that is rarely made. Quality depends on the person or lab manager at each location. Wal-Mart is not better then Costco nor is Sams worse then Wolf ect. Most equipment these days are very similar. What counts is how the machines are maintained, adjusted and how well the operator is trained or more importantly how much the operator cares. Most don't care. Try several places. Find someone that will talk and listen to you. If you are not satisfied, talk to someone. If they won't or can't work with you go elsewhere. And be sure and tell everyone you know. I have spent most of my life in darkrooms and labs and it makes me sick seeing some of the stuff people turn out and people accept. Help stamp out the places and jerks that wreck your pictures and then tell you it was you camera or your lack of skill. Ya!!!!!!


        Opps, was I ranting? Sorry.


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          Thanks Bob. That was a very good point that you made. I guess I was fortunate to find someone who cared about what she was doing and how the prints would come out. It was really a win win situation for me since she told me to look at the finished product and see if they were acceptable. I was also impressed by the fact that she was familiar with photoshop although she admitted she didn't have it. The test will be when I go back the next time!



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