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  • Graphire 2 Help

    I am using the Graphire 2, which I just recently purchased. I am having alittle problem with getting it to respond like I want it to. To me it makes the cursor seem very loose and fast. Is there a way to control this? I tried to fix it in the Wacom tablet control panel. I cant seem to get this under control. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem? It is becoming very irritating. For instance I was trying to draw a straight line and it came out crooked. Not because I didn't go in a straight line, but because the cursor is loose and fast. Any help you can give to me would be greatly appreciated. If none can help me, then I guess it is back to the dreaded mouse......PLEASE HELP ME!

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    One thing that helped me was switching the tablet from "Pen mode" to "Mouse mode". This way the tablet handles more like a mouse and allows you to reduce the speed and level of acceleration. This is the setting I use...seems to work pretty well as far as control and speed goes.
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      Graphire 2

      I tried your suggestions and found that if you put your Graphire 2 in mouse mode, the pen will not function throughout the space of the tablet. It makes it as if the pen will only function in a predetermined area of the tablet, and not the full screen as if in pen mode. Is there any way to fix this? If so please let me know. I would appreciate it. Thanks for answering my question.


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        Graphire 2 update......

        I have another question. I just updated the driver for my Graphire 2 tablet and in the read me file it says that it is compatible with the Graphire 2 (ETA) and the Graphire (ET). Now I looked at the back of my supposed Graphire 2 and it showed (ET) not (ETA) as stated in the readme and on various websites on the internet. Is there something wrong here? Everywhere I have looked for this info it says the Graphire 2 is (ETA) and the Graphire is (ET). If this is the case then something is wrong. Does anyone elses Graphire 2 show (ET) instead of (ETA)? Or does your Graphire 2 show (ETA) as it is supposed to be. Please let me know if I am just being paranoid and there really isn't anything to be worried about. I appreciate any and all help you can give to me on this. Thanks in advance........


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          Hi Fotofreak,

          I have a Graphire, not Graphire 2, but the model number on the back says just "ET". I've never had a problem with it.

          When you say that the cursor moves too fast, I assume you mean when you're using the pen (not the mouse)? In the Wacom Properties dialog, under the Mapping/Speed tab, I have mine set to:
          Positioning mode: Pen
          Tablet area: Entire tablet
          Display area: Entire display
          Aspect: To fit

          With those settings, the cursor should track the pen movement exactly - not accelerate and not jump around.

          You may also want to try adjusting the "Tip Feel". Perhaps a "firmer" setting would work better for you?

          HTH, Jeanie


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