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  • Scanner/ canon n1240u/ CIS

    After some research I found canon n1240u scanner to fit my budget. Has anyone used this scanner? I would like to know your feedback.
    Though I read some good reviews about this one, I came across an article which said that the CIS(contact image sensor) used in this model has less tonal range compared to the CCD used in the other models. Can anyone tell me if this is perceivable or how much does it show up in the images? Do the scanner software perform levels correction in such a case or do I need to manually correct each image in some image editor?


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    I had one a while back and thought the scans were fine as far as tonal range and color reproduction. The problem with the CIS for me, was the lack of any depth of field. Things have to be touching the glass in order to be in focus. That often required me to place a heavy book on top of the lid if I was scanning something that was not flat or oversized. Since I also scan a lot of artwork (hard to get this scanner to pick up the texture in some papers) and objects, I ended up replacing it with an Epson 2450.

    I do not remember the software well enough to answer your other questions...but I recall it not being very good at the time. (could have gotten better by now though.)
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