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Flatbed Scanner Recommendations?

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  • Flatbed Scanner Recommendations?

    I am in the market for a new flatbed scanner (Mac). In the past I have been a dedicated Microtek supported, using the Scanmaker II, ScanMaker 600 SZ, ,the Scanmaker II HR and lastly the Scanmaker V6USL. While I liked the quality, performance and durability of the first three models, the last one, the V6USL only lasted about a year. I am looking for a mid range price, (I can probably justify up to $1000), max resolution, 35mm negative & slide capabilities, at least a legal size scanning area (tabloid would be better). I can use a firewire, USB, or SCSI connection. I do not need any ADF features and speed is only a secondary need. Color fidelity and resolution are more important to me. My scanning deals mainly with photographs and line art. Any recommendations, observations, or suggestions?

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    I have the Epson 3200 combination flatbed and film scanner. It does everything that you are asking for and it is EXCELLENT. Several people on this forum have one. If you look down in the Hardware forum - you will find a few thread about this scanner.



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      is that the 3200 pro or the 3200 photo?


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        I may be wrong, but I think that the only difference is the software bundle that comes with it.

        The Pro version offers the Arcsoft suite (I use Photoshop so not interested) and MonacoEZ (I have heard this is good but not worth $200+ to me).

        I think the scanner hardware is identical.

        I have the regular version.


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          Epson 3200 Pro vs Photo

          I would love any thoughts on whether it makes sense to pay the extra $ for the Pro. I plan on using the scanner to digitize a several hundred family photos and slides. I would need to manipulate several of the older images due to their deterioation.
          I'm not initmately familiar with the capabilities of PhotoShop Elements 2.0 but believe it would provide me with much of the capability I need. Any thoughts as to whether spending the extra dollars is warranted, along with any other thoughts, would be greatly appreciated!

          Based on the Epson website and some net surfing it appears that the differences between the two are as follows:

          Both Versions have the following Software:
          Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
          Epson Smart Panel
          Epson Scan Scanning Software

          Both have LaserSoft SilverFast but the Photo has the SE 6 version and the Pro has the Ai 6 version

          The Pro version also includes the following software:
          MonacoEZ Color 2.5
          ArcSoft PhotoStudio
          ArcSoft Photobase
          ArcSoft Panorama Maker

          Based on web shopping it appears that the Photo version can be bought for about $369 and the Pro version for about $499. I priced the software differences between the two and they came up as follows (i.e. what would be necessary to turn the Photo into a Pro):

          Purchase the following software:
          LaserSoft SilverFast Ai6 $119
          Monaco EZcolor 2.5 $299 (includes colorimeter)
          ArcSoft PhotoStudio $50
          ArcSoft PhotoBase $50
          ArcSoft Panorama Maker $50

          A total of $568. Seems like a good deal to buy the pro but given that I'm new to this I'm not sure I would need all of this software. As I understand it the software performs the following functions:

          LaserSoft SilverFast Ai6 - professional version - unclear as to the additional features/functionality you get in this version vs the SE 6

          Monaco EZColor 2.5 - I am familiar with this product, it basically is a color registration device&software to ensure that the colors you specify are consistent over time and device

          ArcSoft PhotoStudio - is a photo editor

          ArcSoft PhotoBase - appears to be a database that allows easy manipulation of images

          ArcSoft Panorama Maker - allows you to stitch together multiple photos into one


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            Note to Christo...

            Check to make sure there are Mac versions of the different software before you shell out more for the pro version if all you're getting is more software



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              which one do you have

              Did you purchase the Pro version (about $600, includes Monaco) or the Photo version (about $400)?


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                I purchased the non-Pro Photo version. It is identical except for the software. I don't have much use for the extra software.

                The Monaco might be nice, but PhotoShop (which I use) is bettter than the rest of the Arcsoft packages - I have a panorama program that came with my camera that works fine - I don't think the SIlverfast upgrade rationalizes the extra cost - just my opinion.

                If you don't have any Photo manipulation software such as Photoshop elements - buy the pro version.



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