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Film Scanner part 2

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  • Film Scanner part 2

    I have a question for you guys using a SCSI scanner. Do you leave scanner on all the time or do you turn it on only when you use it? I have found that it is hard to get the scanner recognized without re-booting. With USB it's no problem just turning the scanner on when I need it. This SCSI scanner though, like most SCSI devices, is hard to work with if I simply turn it on.

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    I find that I do forget and leave it on all the time because of that problem ... I don't know if that is a bad thing.


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      Hi Roger. That's what I am wondering about. It looks like the lamp stays on all the time. I don't know what the life expectancy is on that lamp. My Epson 2450 which is USB will go to sleep and turn the lamp off. This Minolta film scanner seems to not be that smart.


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        Hi Jerry,

        I am turning mine off and on. No problems thus far on that.



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          When using a SCSI scanner, in theory you are suppost to turn it on and allow it to initalize before starting the computer or the device will not be rec ognized...this is what my Minolta does at any rate...the work around is this:
          After booting up the computer , if you decide to scan with a SCSI connected unit, turn the device on, after it has initalized, right click on the " My Computer" Icon on the dexk top. Select "Properties", device manager (making sure the "view devices by type" box is selected), Rt. click on "My Computer" ( It is the first icon in the chain), then Left click on "Refresh"....the computer will refresh and the SCSI device will then be recognized and ready for work. I usually turn the device off after using, and as long as you dont restart your computer the device will be avaliable by just turning it on.


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            Hey thanks. It works slightly different on XP Pro but the general idea does the trick. I never would have thought to do that. That will be a time saver for me.


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              Just thought I'd put in my two cents:
              It depends on the scanner. Some scanners like the Bell and Howell Copiscan 2 have a 100% duty cycle--you can leave them on if you want, or turn them off but start them first so they will be recognized by the computer. From what I understand, the cycle is what makes the difference.