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    In our Challenges there are no losers or winners. This is not a Challenge. In this contest, the losers are the winners.

    Let's see who out there uses the puniest, weakest, oldest, most outdated system for their day-to-day photo work (ie: our Challenges or your own restorations). I would have had a decent chance of winning (losing) this contest a year ago, but I'm now working on a pretty good machine.

    So, how technologically deprived are you?

    No paperweights (ie: you use a G4 Mac, but own a Mac Classic so you count the Classic, or you have an antique computer collection but use a Pentium4 so you submit your Z80). We're only talking about the machine that you use for all your photo work.

    Sorry, the only "prize" in this contest is our sympathies and commiserations, but that has to help (a little).
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