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Epson 1280 advice please

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  • Epson 1280 advice please

    I have lost the manual for my Epson 1280 printer - could someone please help me.

    I am printing on 4" roll paper. I must have missed a setting when I sent the first job to print because the paper just keeps rolling out of the printer instead of stopping after 6" like it's supposed to.

    I made it stop by turning off the printer but when I turn it back on, it just starts to roll forward again.

    Does anyone know what setting I missed to make it stop after the image is printed??

    Also, I'm using OS10.2.6 and the print dialog doesn't have the tools on it for checking ink supply etc. There is a separate printer utility installed, but the printer list is empty - anybody got any ideas??

    Thanks, Margaret

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    You might find something here Margaret......


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      Hi Margaret,I'm trying to send you a scan from a page from the manual.I can't get the size or quality good enough.I can try to E mail it to you if that's ok.Need your addy.It may help.I also noticed an option in printer properties for banner or cut copy.Did you check that out?I never used roll paper,but thought I may be able to help.
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        Sorry Margaret,I finally got it.Sorry about the quality.Hope this helps.


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          Thank you Don, that's the page I was looking for. Chris, thanks for the link to the on-line documentation - I've bookmarked it so I can refer to it in the future.

          I think the fault for my current problems lies with Chris H. who posted a picture of his over-flowing bookshelves. That inspired me to clean up my own mess and obviously got a little too enthusiastic when chucking stuff out



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            Mess!! There's nothing lost on my shelves Margaret its all there, somewhere!!


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