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Monitor advice please! 6bit +frc?


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  • Monitors: Monitor advice please! 6bit +frc?

    Hi! Can you please help me out a bit! My monitor broke and need to get a new one asap! Thank you sooo much! I do photo editing but don't have extremely high requierements from clients. I had a cheap lg monitor and thought I'd uprage a bit till I can get a really professional one (dell, eizo, etc) so I'm looking at low budget alternatives now. So, questions:

    1- are 8 bit ips screens really that much improvement as opposite to: "8 bit (6 bit +frc)"?

    2- is a 24" 1920x1080 screen ok for a graphics card resolution of 1920x1080 or will I see any pixels/jagged edges? I don't want that... I had a 22" and it was fine.

    thanks so much!!!!


    ps. These are the two low budget I'm comparing... Besides size, is the 24 that much better in other parameters?
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