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new drawing tablet, need help with brush presets

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  • new drawing tablet, need help with brush presets

    HI everyone, its been ages since I used this board.
    Hope I'm in the right place with this one.

    So my daughter bought me a nice big drawing tablet. Called HUION
    So.. gonna start with a nice "easy" line drawing. HA... easy???????

    All I want to do is find a brush that starts thin, gets thicker as I press down, which I found easy enough. BUT...
    The thin parts are also lighter. Now this I do NOT want. And I am stuck. I cannot figure out a way anywhere to just control the line thickness NOT go lighter when I press lighter.

    Think of a fat marker. You do not get a gray line when you ease up on it. Just a thinner one.

    How do I get that?
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    Hi Artmaker, not sure what software you are using and if its a brush you made yourself or one in a set. If photoshop or illustrator, check you haven't got the airbrush setting switched on, and also check the brush in the brush settings. The website link I've attached might help, he also provides brushes (for illustrator) and video tutorials. Sorry i cant be more helpful, as i said not sure what you're using.


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      Hi, sorry my reply took so long, for some reason the log in link wasn't showing up. It appeared today, no clue why.

      Photoshop, and a plain old pre made round hard edge, opaque brush. Using the tablet pen tool just to get the fine to thick based on pressure thing, but it is giving me gray to black as well. My daughter came buy and tried and she also could not find a single setting to fix this. (She is a computer software writer so if anyone could find a setting out of wack it's her.)
      I read somewhere that it's got to do with the pixel nature of photoshop anti aliasing the edge and when the line is thing you get gray. I read the only all black option is the pencil tool which defeats the whole purpose of using the pressure sensitive pen. Not to mention the jagged line that thing draws.

      I could just use illustrator, whole lot more work and again, kinda renders the purchase of this drawing tablet useless.


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        Hi Artmaker, you could try resetting your photoshop preferences in case they have become corrupt, and retry your brush. I have attached a link to a site with a collection of brushes for concept art. The main thing i do is restoration and retouching but I've used them to help fill in areas of photos. They are all set up already to use. Try downloading one set and try them and see if you get the same result as your round brush. The link in my first post to Jason Seacrest, he goes through in some of his videos, about setting up your brushes, even though its in illustrator, you can use those set ups in photoshop. Also check in the Huion settings on the pressure sensitivity.
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          I looked over the page, seems every single one of them is doing the same thing. The lighter you press, the grayer the line. Beginning to think photoshop isn't capable of this simple task.

          I HATE illustrator. I learned back when Freehand was the vector program thought to rise to the top but it died. Thing is illustrator uses an ARRAY of tools to do the same blasted thing ONE tool could do with freehand. I hung onto an old mac for the longest time just to keep my freehand but alas, it's finally just too outdated. I never could get the hang of illustrator.

          All this so I can draw a very simple image for my daughter to use as an on line logo. I told her I could do the darn thing with a real marker and be done with it but of course scanning in artwork isn't quite the same.
          grrrrr. This should be so simple. But it's not.


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            Hi Artmaker. This is certainly a strange one. When you installed the Huion, did you install the new up to date drivers off of their website. I read a few articles about people having problems and once they installed the new drivers, not the ones which came with it, things started to work properly. Huion settings section has a pen pressure set up where you draw in a window to get the right pressure. Have you tried that. I know what you mean about Illustrator, I've been using photoshop for about 20 years now, still using CS6 and illustrator CS6 for about 10 years. I know enough to get by in illustrator, but finding out my Mac update will make my CS6 software incompatible with the new OS and also my Wacom tablet, i looked at Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer rather than subscribing to Adobe. Have to say they were both very good, Affinity Designer seemed easier to me than Illustrator, but i was using an old version. Still haven't updated and made the switch yet.


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