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  • KenB
    Found this at a review site..

    Full Review
    I purchased the Aiptek Pencam 1.3 SD at WalMart for 29.88. I don't know if it was a pricing mistake because elsewhere it is listed at 69.99. I've seen it at the same price at two different WalMarts, so at least they are being consistent.


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  • KenB
    WOW I guess I did. I didn't look anywhere online for it.


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  • catia

    I can't find that puppy for less than $75. You really got a deal.


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  • KenB
    started a topic Cheap, Cool Little Camera

    Cheap, Cool Little Camera

    My wife and I like to rollerblade and ride mountain bikes and we don't feel at ease taking an expensive digtal camera with us. If we should take a spill the camera could and probably would get ruined. On that note, Tam had to pick up some craft things at Wal Mart and I wandered over to the computer dept. They had a cheap tiny digital camera that would be perfect for our use. When I say cheap.....we're talking $29.95!! I decided to give it a try without trying to find any reviews and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it. It also comes with quite a bit of free software,
    Ulead Photo Express
    Ulead Photo Explorer
    Ulead Cool 3D
    Video Mail
    Microsoft Netmeeting

    All full versions.
    It also comes with a useful little tripod and a nicely designed lanyard.
    It has no flash, so it's more suited for outdoors and as luck would have it...that's where we skate

    It has a slot for an SD card, so you can expand the memory amongst other features.

    If you would like more info you can find it at

    The model I bought is PenCam SD 1.3

    Here's a test photo, straight from the camera and just sized down a tad.

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