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Do I need a flatbed scanner??

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  • Do I need a flatbed scanner??

    Hi, I do photo restoration as a hobby for family, friends and area retirement/nursing homes. It seems as we get older we become more transparent! The older 'clients' are very appreciative and seem to value their restored photo memories. My work is always cost and obligation free. I only scan and restore prints.

    To date, I have been using all-in-one scanners (HP-2050 and more recently Canon PIXMA - MG2560). I consider myself a 'rookie' at restoration and really don't know if a flatbed scanner would offer any improvement in the outcome. I usually scan at 600 DPI (depending upon the size of the print and the desired enlargement size) and in tif. format . So my question, would scanning with a mid-price range ( less than $500.00) flatbed scanner offer significant improvements over the all-in-one scanners that I am using now?

    OBTW - this will always be regarded as a hobby and done without charge. I have no thoughts of becoming a 'professional' restorer down track! I'm 77 and my track is already too short!!!

    Thank you for your comments and recommendations!!

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    For photo restoration, I'd stick with what you have. The advantages of a more expensive dedicated scanner won't be needed for that. You might want to try VueScan from Ed Hamrick just to make sure you're squeezing out everything your scanner is capable of. There's a free trial version.
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