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  • vinniesworld
    Color Cast in print but not on screen
    by vinniesworld
    Hello, Just found this site and I'm amazed at the level of expertise from what I've read so far. I have a question that I've been trying to figure out and I'm sure someone here can help. I've been playing with PhotoShop for a few years, doing a few restorations for friends and family. I've finally started...
    09-29-2004, 08:40 PM
  • Lampy
    Color Calibration
    by Lampy
    Hi all

    Does anyone have any expertise in calibrating their monitor color/brightness to an output device. Specifically I'm interested in output to Ofoto's printing process.

    Currently I have to adjust color and brightness by eye according to what I've noticed the differences...
    06-07-2002, 12:37 PM
  • RWies21
    Color Calibration
    by RWies21
    Hello, hello!

    This is my first post so bare with me...i'm a color management newbie and i'm working with PH6. I'm very frustrated (albeit a little lazy) in figuring out why colors look a lot more saturated (very red) outside of photoshop i.e. in windows picture and fax viewer then they...
    01-08-2008, 09:22 PM
  • DougSolis
    Help with Color Management/Calibration
    by DougSolis
    I have been using a Lenovo W700ds laptop, which has a built in rite/pantone Huey color calibration for a couple of years now. Every couple of weeks it asks for you to perform a color calibration which I do religiously. I have never printed any of my images; just post them on my website, up until last...
    01-06-2011, 03:06 PM
  • benald
    photoshop profiles going wild
    by benald
    I have calibrated my monitor with Colorvision Spyder (Optical). Because of that, Adobe Gamma is de-installed. Until last week everything worked fine. My system was using Adobe RGB 1998 as it's working space.

    Now all images being loaded into Photoshop or Photoshop Elements show a severe...
    12-29-2003, 04:51 AM