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Color cast scans.

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  • Jimmy
    Thanks Roger.

    That definitely shed some light on this subject. I will try those settings to see what kind of changes it makes.

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  • roger_ele
    Hi Jimmy,

    I am not a fluid explainer of this stuff although I have read much about it. The bottom line is that your monitor is not accurately showing you what the image file really looks like. This is a typical problem with monitors and does not mean that there is a problem with yours in terms of it being defective.

    To start with, if you are using Photoshop you might try using Adobe Gamma to get you in the ball park. Monitor calibration equipment like the Pantone Colorvision Spyder or Gretag Eyeone is better, but Gamma will get you started. You should be able to find Gamma in the Control panel if you are using windows.

    For more and better explanations search for,

    Color Management
    Color Spaces
    Color Profiles
    ICC Profiles

    Or go to Gretag or Pantone's web sites ...

    One of the first books I got talked of setting up Photoshop Color Management preferences (Adobe Photoshop 6 published by New Riders - one of the thick replacements for a user manual), if you are using Photoshop the attached screen shot shows the suggested settings, which I am still using. You get to the screen by Edit > Color Settings.

    Hope this gets you started,
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  • Jimmy
    started a topic Color cast scans.

    Color cast scans.

    I have a photo that I was trying to restore.

    First I scanned it. I then saw that after I scanned it the image displayed a color cast. However, the original image shows no color cast.

    I did what I could to the image to restore it and remove the color cast. However, I must admit that the subjects face was just a little too red. However, when I printed it the printed photo came out perfect, and the face was not too red either.

    Can anyone explain this confusing scanner/printer behavior. After this had occured I realized, just because the photo looks a certain way on the screen doesn't mean it will look that way in print. This can create a great deal of confusion when trying to accurately edit or restore a photo. How can I avoid this pitfall?

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