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  • Anyone with info on this seller

    I found an add in Popular Photography from Digitalliquidators . Does anyone have any information on these guys? They don't have any of the familar rating service icons on their site so I don't know if they are safe to deal with.

    They have fantastic prices on cameras. Nikon D100 for $1179.99, Canon EOS 10D for $ 1109.99, and Minolta Dimage-7HI for $679.99.

    Just wonder if they are safe to deal with.

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    Kevin check They give digitalliquidators a very poor rating.


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      Check this out



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        Thanks guys, that is what I was expecting to find. Usually when it seems to goog to be true, it usually is.

        I had tried bizrate and the BBB and couldn't find anything. Thanks for helping me out.


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