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  • Lighting for Color Matching

    I have side business here doing Photo Restoration and Im trying to upgrade my equipment to be more professional.

    What I want to setup here is a lighting situation in wich to view my prints with. I was a photographer and I worked in a professional photolabs. I know the standard is that you view prints with 5000k lighting so its a nice average between warm and cool lighting.

    Been looking at two sources to buy from and

    Some of the ott lites are 5300k to 5500k and the solux are 4700k. I read this and now leaning torward going with the solux lights but Im not sure which is better.

    I dont have allot to send since I just bought a Epson 2200 lol. I really dont want to go over $150.

    Any thoughts, advice or others places to looks for Color Matching type lighting will be appreciated.

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    No brand recommendations, but the warning that it's less the color temperature (though that IS important), but the spectrum consistency that'll cause problems. Spiky spectrum response lighting (aka inexpensive fluorescents) will make color matching extremely difficult, especially with a pigment-based printer.

    Solux, Just Normlicht, GTI, are the classic brands, with ott-lite a relative newcomer (and lower priced option). None are cheap, though.

    If you don't need D50, but can deal with D65-ish, there's a bunch of high CRI fluorescent tubes that might work. Lumichrome (CRI=96), Vita-Lite (CRI=96), Osram's Biolux (CRI=97). There are some 5000K fluoro tubes with high CRIs, but they're less common. Philips' HI-VISION F32T8 (CRI=98) is one of the more available ones.

    And warmtoned or cooltoned walls will also have an effect.


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      Thanks Kevin......I think I have it now, about that its not color temperature. I want to shoot for D50 so I think I will go with solux, all the others are way too expensive.


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