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Monitor-LaCie or ViewSonic?

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  • Monitor-LaCie or ViewSonic?

    I am about to buy a new monitor and wondered if anyone has a LaCie electronblueIII 19" monitor. I have heard WONDERFUL things about that monitor. I also have a friend that suggested the ViewSonic G90f...but he doesn't do graphics work. The aperature grille and Mitsu tubes on the LaCie are VERY tempting though. Can anyone give me any opinions on the 2?

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    My only knowledge is theorhetical (from data and such), but I'd go with the LaCie (or the Mitsubishi they paint blue and slap their label on). They're both good units, though.

    I've been lusting after that big Mitsubishi for a long time now
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      I am making a trip to the grand opening of the Apple Store in Cincinatti this Saturday, so I'm gonna have a look at the Mitsubishis that they carry. I'm starting to wonder which Mitsu monitor the LaCie actually is.


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        Their bigboy used to be the 2040U, now its the 2060U (I think, I can't keep up with all these numbers).

        Look for a 2040U on closeout, no real advantage (and if you find two of them cheap, let me know )
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          I have used the ViewSonic 19" A90 for the last 18 months every day for photograph and graphic work. I found it easy to set the monitor to my software (Photoshop and Picture Window Pro) scanners, and printer. Sorry but I have no first hand knowledge of the LaCie monitor.



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