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  • Uber Mitsubishi !


    How are you getting on with the 22" Mitsubishi monitor you got? Has it come up to expectations?

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    Funny you should ask, I was just last night contemplating the purchase of a second one (I'm a hedonist at heart). I decided I simply don't have the deskspace for it, and it's not quite good enough to justify remodeling.

    Every once in awhile something will happen to restore the awe I felt when I first installed it, like the optical tricks recently posted in the Salon forum, or watching a DVD and realizing the movie actually fills my visual field.

    But I honestly can't say how much of my love for it is based on it's Mitsubishi-ness, and not just on the fact that it's so freakin' HUGE! But I can say it's not given me one spot of trouble, and I have yet to experience any (usually inevitable) buyer remorse.

    On a sadder note, it appears that I bought the last refurb model in existence (I've looked for more, with no luck).
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      Ok, my brothers just 'borrowed' my TFT screen and I was thinking of reverting to a large crt. I like Mits's prefer them to Ilyama.


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        Well I ordered a 2070SB and it arrives on Monday, got my brother standing by to help get it into the office. If its half as good as the 19" Mitsu I've had for the past 3 years I'll be well pleased.


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          I wish I'd thought to arrange for help, but I managed to lug it around myself.

          Let me know if you figure out how to make one side of the image larger or smaller than the other. That's my one and only gripe. You can make the top or bottom wider/narrower but you can't make the sides taller/shorter.

          And use the software to adjust instead of the buttons on the front. They do the same thing in the same way, but the software is much friendlier.
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            I noticed from the spec it weighs 67Ib's which isnt heavy but does it have any hand grips moulded into the casing Doug? it has to be carried along some narrow passages to my office.

            I had a look at the Naviset software on the NEC/Mitsu site and I think it will work with my graphics card. Also got the manual in pdf form off the US site so that will be useful in advance.


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              No handgrips, but it does taper dramatically towards the back. Be careful though, the stand struck me as a bit fragile (though it has caused zero problems for me).
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                Well the beast has arrived and finally on my desk. Worked well from the off but have been unable to download the naviset software the site doesnt want to play. Amazingly sharp corner to corner, I'll have another bash at configuration as and when I get the Naviset download.


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                  Send me an email if you can't get it to download. I have the zipped Naviset V1.0.40 version that I can email back. Since it's supposed to be downloadable I don't think they'd mind.
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                    Thanks Doug I think the download problem was a firewall issue but haven't resolved it yet. However a friend of mine got the download and zipped it to me and its working ok.
                    I couldn't find the UK power lead in the packing so rang NEC-Mitsu in London and they are sending a fresh cable pack, needless to say when moving the box minutes later I found said cable trapped under the polystyrene inserts!!


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                      Well the beast has been running for a week but haven't found the frame mod you mentioned Doug. I managed to get the taskbar bisecting the screen horizontally but I think that was a clash between the Naviset and Nview software.
                      Surprisingly it doesnt seem much heavier than the 19" predecessor and the pronounced 'step' in the case makes it easier to move around. Hopefully I wont have to move it for a couple of years!!


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                        Mine's not moving anywhere soon
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                          The monitor being lifted onto the desk.
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                            There were 3 of you? With big sticks? No fair...that's cheating.
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                              hi guys

                              i'm thinking about a new have a 19 inch trinitron...wondering if i should go crt or lcd....seems most stores are selling lcd.....but this thread seems to like the mitsubithi's a lot...interested in your thoughts....



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