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  • Print Problems.

    A friend of my mothers has given me some photos of her and her husband.

    I am doing a good job on that part, however, when I print the photo I don't have the same quality that is being displayed on my monitor (i.e. a great looking dark photo may be to bright in print; a good skin color may be to pale in print; an subject that has been darkened in photo shop, is still too bright in print).

    How do I solve this problem now? As of now I am broke, I can't buy anything to solve this problem, or at least not until January. The only thing that is working in my favor is that my printer has a print preview feature that shows me what it will actually look like in print.

    However, when you made all the permanent changes to the photo that feature does you little good.

    If anyone has any advice on this matter please help.

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    Whew!! False alarm.

    It turned out that my printer has the features that were checked. One of them is called Image Optimizer and basically what it does is correct colors, brightness, and tones.

    So, it looked at my photo and said, "Oh, you really messed this up bad; let me fix it for you." However, that feature does a really good job, if you don't do the editing yourself.

    Unfortunately, before I learned what caused the problem I messed up the photo trying to solve the final print problem. So, now I will have to start all over again with that photo. I sure hate it when I mess things up.


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