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Which computer type do you use?

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  • Which computer type do you use?

    No holy wars, please. Whatever works for you is the best for you. But I'm still curious.
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    I'm using a Windows2000 PC. A Pentium 4 to be exact. I do believe all the operating systems and hardware have their advantages, but I do think that Windows2000 (and now XP) is the best Windows environment to edit images in (if your hardware can hack it).

    I've also used, and am comfortable with Macs. In fact, back in college I built and ran our Mac lab. I've also used, in fact I own, Linux/Unix machines, but I could never claim I'm comfortable with them. But, IMHO, the most productive machine is the one you're the most comfortable with, and I've been building and working on PCs for a long, long time.

    NOTE: There's an interesting thread in this same forum called "What's your setup" where many forum members past and present spoke on this very subject.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      No flame wars from me - I've used both over the years. Currently using a Pentium PC running Windows 98SE, and have used Windows for a number of years after moving over from DOS. Initially started with an Apple 2E (I think) many years ago, and lusted after the first Mac, but couldn't afford it. PC's were more affordable and I made the switch in the mid-80's. I did opt for a IMac last year, but found that it was too hard making the switch again - mentally and software wise. (now I have to find it a good home, but it's so cute!)


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        First became involved with computers using an Atari ST for packet radio* using a Sony TV as a monitor. Since then a variety of gear. Present system is a triple boot PC 98/2k and XP with 2K about to go.
        I’ve always run dual boot systems as a safety measure and it doesn’t take up a great deal of extra disc space. The XP set up has gone well and I’ve attempted to crash it by various means but with no success, compared to XP 98 is like a vintage car that has to be tweaked and humoured on a regular basis. The CPU is an Athlon 1.5 gig very popular over this side of the pond Pentiums being considered expensive and a 19’ Mitsubishi monitor which is superb, no eye strain. Ram is cheap at the moment so there’s a 1000meg in the board but I doubt if it makes much difference over 500.

        I’m very lucky to have a friend who’s an IT manager and actually enjoys working on computers in his spare time. I assemble the computer and he does the final tune up but not needed with XP. All the superseded bits are passed on to a backup machine which gets all the files as they are created. As regards components I’d say for graphical work buy the best monitor you can afford, compared with the other bits it will last longer and buying ‘last years’ top graphics card will prolong its useful life span. Don’t bother changing CPU’s and boards unless you can ‘at least’ double the processor speed.

        *Essentially e-mail on the amateur radio network


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          I'm on the low end with a Gateway PC. It has a Pentium II, 256 megs of ram, two hard drives (5 gig and 20 gig) and a CD burner. I would love to upgrade to a faster PC, but I doubt that's gonna happen.



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            Mine is built from off the shelf components, 500 meg AMD processor, CD-R and CD-RW drives with 512 RAM. Windows 98 se. Iy works better that I do!! Tom


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              Currently running OP (other persons)

              We had a Pentium II with Windows 2000, 500 MB ram and 109 gigs in 2 hard drives. Then we decided to upgrade without the great expense of getting another computer (Motherboard with new processors actually and possibly a new case) So in the proscess of trying to get dual processors to run we find out the current Motherboard doesn't support Win 2K. (Could've fooled us since we've been doing it since 2K came out) Then the mother board quits, and since we now have 2 Pent IIs with no board we order a new improved one. The new one comes and works ok for about 2 minutes and the powersupply goes, new one comes and the thing still won't run. Turns out the new motherboard is no good. New one due to arrive tomorrow. What is left to break? Anyway, since he's the guru (questionable) in this house I use what he sets up and now PCs are what I'm used to so I will probably stay with it as soon as we get it running again. I'm going through withdrawl without my machine. I'm torn between begging it to work or kicking the crap out of it. Borrowing is the pits!!!


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                Cobble all your old parts into a backup machine and place in view of your no 1 machine, switch on occasionally. Number 1 sees alternative/rival nearby and never goes wrong.

                To alleviate tensions brought on by your epistle may I suggest getting boyfriend, toyboy or even husband to gently rub large denomination banknotes on each temple I find this brings on a pleasant calming effect in proportion to denomination of the note. I use Bank of Ulster £100 notes but you'll have to experiment with dollars I'm afraid.


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                  My experience with putting machines too close together is not that one will see a rival and shape up, but that one will see a partner in crime and both break down. It's the same reason why our cars usually break down the same time. And thanks to this technological money eating machine we only have one dollar bank notes to rub with. Not good. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and the new board will magically appear and work and all will be right with the world. If not, oh well, good time to remortgage the house. Yup, these rose colored glasses are great.
                  But as much as this stuff costs, some how I can't imagine life without my PC. Thank God for computers. It's my link to the world, and my number one play toy.


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                    Wow...I'm surprised at all of the PC users. I had thought Macs ruled the graphics, design, photo markets. I know my G3/400 blows away my P3 1Ghz at Photoshop. I use a Mac at home but suffer with this P3 here at work. Windows OS is just too buggy and jumbled I think. Mac is so easy to use and best of all, easy to fix...and NO DLLs! hehehe I don't HATE PCs....but I much prefer my Mac for my photo work.


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                      I've always been a square peg in a round hole, so in a world of PC users, I will stick to Macs


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                        I'm on a homebuilt P3 running a 700Mhz chip that I punched up to 933Mhz. Also running 512 Mb of High end RAM. Windows XP Pro for my operating system along with a Plextor CD Burner. I also have my Epson 1640 scanner that I now swear by. Never again with HP!


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                          My one PC is a P1-150 running Win95! Has film scanner and Mitsumi CD-RW writer attached to it. In 25yrs in the computer industry, this is the most stable machine I've ever worked with. It's been thru' 3 hard disk upgrades with the same (cloned) version of Win95 since about 1997. My wife also uses it play Kyodai Mah Jongg amongst other things.

                          The second one is a P2-350 running Win98. Has flatbed scanner, Epson 800, Epson 1200, modem and pad attached (and when I'm in the mood to restore LPs, also the record player). Fairly stable - been about 18 months since I reinstalled the O/S.

                          My third machine is one of those DJ spoke about in her study - always open. Used for testing anything. Have a whole pile of old hard disks with O/Ss ranging from Linux down to DOS 5 (depending on what's currently interesting) which I swop in and out of the machine.

                          Personally, I hate WinNT and its derivatives, so I'll probably have to move over to Linux and the GIMP full time one of these days. Can't find really decent drivers for my printers though (haven't looked recently, I must add).


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                            I'm using a MAC G4 on OS9.04. I have 768Mb of RAM to run Photoshop 6.01. I also have the 22 inch Cinema Display which is a beauty! My MAC is about 2 years old and I'm thinking of upgrading to the new G4's with superdrive, enhanced video card and gigahertz speed. I have no problems with my MAC. The only application that crashes on me is Netscape 6.2. I'm an "at home" user and I love my MAC!!!


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                              22" Cinema display...Wow!

                              I had an imac for about 1 year. (could not afford a G4) I loved the mac OS, but I had so many problems with hardware that I nearly threw the thing out a window. The worst of the problems was the now infamous "imac flickering screen". Apple should have just admitted they made a lemon. My problem with Apple is they seem to have made some artistic decisions about the design of their products that end up causing a host of hardware problems. I am sure a G4 would have been a better buy but after my experience with Apple I went back to a PC.

                              My current setup is a 1ghz Athlon, 512mb of RAM and a 40 gig hardrive. I'm running Windows ME but am contemplating the switch to XP. I just hope my zip drive, Epson 2450 scanner and Wacom tablet will all work!


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