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Question for Epson 3200 Users

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  • Question for Epson 3200 Users

    I've been using the 3200 for several months now and find it to be excellent. I use Silverfast Ai as my scanning interface and it is superior to anything else that I've tried (including VueScan).

    The more I use the scanner, I'm finding that it seems quite sensitive to highlight areas and is somewhat prone to overexposing them even on well exposed film. I've tried with VueScan and the Epson software and the problem still exists, although to a slightly lesser extent. It seems more pronouced and more difficult to manage in b&w film than colour. I've tried scanning as 48 bit RGB, 48>24 bit RGB, 16 bit greyscale and 8 bit greyscale.

    Is anyone else experiencing this and if so, how are you dealing with, or compensating for, it?


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    I haven't noticed this, but I calibrated it almost immediately. Sounds like its outputting on a different contrast curve than you'd like. Try calibrating it and see if that doesn't help.
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      Doug, thanks for the reply. I did calibrate it initially but perhaps should consider doing it again.


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        I Did the same with mine. Calibrated first off with Photo Prism, and no probs. It is truely an awesome scanner!!


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