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Retouching with a mouse

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  • Retouching with a mouse

    Do you have to have a tablet to do retouching and restoration

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    Absolutely not! Most people swear by a tablet. I have one, and rarely use it.



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      Since I got a tablet (Christmas present) I don't think the quality of my work has improved ... the time taken to achieve it has been reduced significantly, but I think given enough time and patience you can achieve the same results with a mouse (that said, NO ONE is ever going to tae away my tablet now...).


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        Like Ed, I have a tablet (Wacom) and rarely use it. I have found that I have become very adept at doing selections with a mouse. Maybe if I spent the same amout of time with a tablet, I'd feel the same way about it.



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          I have a wacom tablet and find I use it for everything . I personaly find that I have more control over most aspects of Photoshop. I also do 3d graphics work and use the tablet for all spline based work.
          I have found that it did take some time to get used to but once
          I got through the learning curve I would not want to go back to a mouse only.
          Just my 2 cents.


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            retouching with a mouse

            I use a wacom table and have alot more controll over a mouse and easer on the wrist to. It takes some time to get use to it butt not very long. Would not go back to a mouse for editing or drawing.


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              When I upgraded my PC last year, I had to pension off my old pressure sensitive tablet as I could not get drivers for XP. Last week, I bought a new Genius Wizard Pen 5x4, and used it for a restoration over the weekend. I can't believe how I've missed the pressure sensitivity, especially when using the airbrush...

              BTW, here in South Africa the Genius is 20% of the price of the bottom end Wacom


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