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    My gf wants a nice scanner for doing photo scanning, restoring, and printing. She currently has an epson photo printer that seems to do a nice job printing photo's taken on her digital camera, but the hp scanner that she currently has, doesn't do a good job. I am looking to purchase a scanner for her for Christmas and has narrowed it down to an Epson 1670P Photoscanner or an Epson Perfection 2400 Photo Scanner. She uses photoshop for doing her photo work, and has been using this product for both home, school and work for over 4 years (using version 6 now i believe).I am trying to find reviews on the web about these scanners but am unable to get a good idea of which is better or of another brand that is as good or better. I am looking for some imput on how the scanners are and maybe something that is in this price range of both of these scanners but maybe by another manufacturer. She likes to scan film and photo's. Any help would be appriciated.


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    Check out Doug's review of Epson 3200



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      I'm considering the purchase of a scanner for use in restoring old photographs. This is going to be a hobby / small sideline initially so I can only justify a relatively small amount of money. Ideally I'd be looking to spend under £150.

      I've seen the Epson Perfection v350 and HP ScanJet...
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      Hi, im new here and hate to have my first post asking something from everyone but I am buying a scanner hopefully tomorrow and have had a horrible time deciding which is the best and was not sure to ask and have narrowed it down to about 2 scanners:
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