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Olympus C50Z Focussing Problem

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  • Olympus C50Z Focussing Problem

    Hi all,

    Just under a year ago I bought an Olympus C50Z digital camera. I wanted a small camera, 5MP, with manual features which were not available on other similar cameras, and this seemed to fit the bill judging by the reviews it was getting.

    On the whole I am pleased with the results I get, except for in one major area - the autofocus in moderate to low lighting conditions is terrible. Even in a relatively well lit room, the focussing is slow to engage, and often doesn't reach a steady state.

    Is anyone else aware of this problem with this camera? Could it be that mine is faulty?

    Any comments appreciated,


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    Hi Ian, it's a known annoyance. Join this group

    search around first, then ask about it. It's been discussed before, I'm sure people there have suggestions to improve this.

    Another good reference for that camera is here

    Best of luck,


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      Thanks Scott,

      It is actually the C50Z I've got as opposed to the C5050Z, but I'll consult the yahoo group all the same. Seems to be a feature of Olympus models.



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