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new laptop color correction help. Urgent.

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  • new laptop color correction help. Urgent.

    In a follow up to my previous question, like I said I will be traveling to New Zealand to photograph very soon.
    I will be photographing a few tours and such for companies, who have offered free ammenities in exchange for digital images.
    I picked up a used laptop from a friend - a pretty nice one - so that I can do some basic editing, store images, and burn to a photo cd.
    I realized though that my lcd monitor is way way different from my crt home monitor.
    My home CRT does an excellent job at being pretty close to most frontier and noritsu printers that I have used without converting to a color profile, so I am very happy with it and would like my laptop to match the crt.
    I went and rented the one eye color matching device to calibrate the monitor, but I really did not accomplish what I wanted. Technically if both the CRT and the LCD are calibrated from the same machine to the same specs, they should be pretty close to the same.
    This was not so. I went through and edited my first batch of photo's on the laptop and when I went to put them on the CRT and opened them, they were way saturated with red. Very frustrating. I understand that if I knew what the final output of my photo's were, I could convert to a color profile; but since I will simply be putting them onto a cd, which could go anywhere after that; I would have to edit a ton of images and then find that they open them on their monitor and they are WAY OFF. How embarassing.
    What would you recommend? I wish I had time to experiment in comparing my laptop images with those on my CRT, but I am leaving in a couple of days and will be relying solely on my laptop.
    Thanks for the advice and help.

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    The only thing I can really suggest is do what we all do when we can't always trust our hardware, colour correct by the numbers. It's about the only way I can think to get consistent results on variable hardware.


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