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Help plugging in card reader.

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  • Help plugging in card reader.

    I have just purchased a USB 2 card reader/writer. I know the reader is hot-swappable but what about the memory cards? I have a CF, SM and xD card. Should I plug these in first to the reader and then the reader to the computer or vice-versa or doesnt it matter?



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    I don't know about card readers, but I do have a USB hard drive, and there's two ways of configuring it. One caches information and can cause corruption if you disconnect it without running the disconnect procedure. The other is slower, but doesn't cache so you can plug and unplug with impunity. I'd check with your manual (or the manufacturer's website) to see if yours is similar.
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      I have a USB card reader (multi format) and I keep it plugged in all the time - just insert or remove the cards. No problems.



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        USB card reader

        OK, thanks, will try using it that way.



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          I plug mine in as needed, then insert the card.


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            your card reader should have a "busy " light on it. most manufactures say not to remove the card when the busy light is on. Other than that I remove and plug cards in when ever needed


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