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    Hi All, I have just bought a tablet. It's a wacom clone 1/2 price of a wacom graphire 3 & this could be my problem too cheap!!!! (& nasty???) Comparing the mouse & pen using the eraser tool in PS 7, with the mouse when I left click hold & drag I get a good clear erase but with the Pen I get a faint erase & have to push Very hard to get a good clear erase (like the mouse) Is this the same with all tablets? I have tried changing pressure sensativity in the tablet software but this doesn't seem to help much.I have seen somewhere in ps7 to change settings for tablets but can't remember where can anyone point me in the right direction search doesn't bring anything up for tablets
    Thanks John

    I still have 5 days to take it back for a full refund & buy the wacom graphire 3

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    Wacom tablets set the pressure sensitivity in the tablet control program.

    If yours can't do this - i'd say take it back and get a Wacom. I don't think PS can change the sensitivity of the pen.



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      The place to change the settings in Photoshop is the Brushes palette.
      Place a check in the "Other Dynamics" box.
      Click on "Other Dynamics" so you can see the settings for that.
      On the "Opacity", select the button and from the drop down list, select "Pen Pressure".
      I think, by default, the "Shape Dynamics" button is checked.
      If you check the settings for this, it may be set to "Pen Pressure", which I usually turn to "off".
      One more place to look. When you are using the Healing Brush, check the "Brush" box in the top options menu. It also has settings for the tablet.
      Personally, I don't like the "size" to be controled by the tablet, so I turn it to "off" here too.


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        Thanks Vikki that has just have to get using to the pen instead of the mouse. any tips?


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          Glad that helped.
          This is how I have mine set up. I played around with these settings, and this works very similar to a mouse (as far as orientation, etc.).
          The best way to get used to the pen and tablet is to just start playing.
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