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Seeking a new printer

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  • CJ Swartz

    Welcome to RetouchPRO! If you decide to order a printer (or anything else) online -- check the dealer out first at -- look at their scores and read some of the reviews (positive and negative) to get an idea of whether it is safe to deal with the company. is a useful site also to get reviews from customers who have already purchased an item. Of course, you have to take everything with the proverbial "grain of salt", but it gives you more information before you make the final decision.

    Here's the link to Harmony's Resellerratings review page -

    Find the best stores, Read Real Customer Ratings and Write Reviews

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  • Doug Nelson
    I know nothing of this company, but I can whole-heartedly endorse the printer. And the idea of a refurb doesn't bother me one bit.

    Epson Stylus Photo 1280

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  • Danette
    started a topic Seeking a new printer

    Seeking a new printer

    My printer busted and I am seeking a nice one for a resonable price around $200 or less. Any suggestions? I print alot of photos.

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  • stephmarie23
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  • 12fretter
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